How To: Set Up A Free Find My iPhone Account


With this mornings announcement of iOS 4.2, Apple also made their Find My iPhone free to all current generation iDevices.

Find My iPhone is designed to assist users with locating lost iOS devices using GPS. The feature is now available for free to all users of the iPad, iPhone 4, and fourth-generation iPod touch.

Previously, access to this feature required a $109/year subscription which among Find My iPhone, also gave users other syncing related services.

To set up your free Find My iPhone account, follow the steps below:

1.) Update your iPhone 4 or fourth-generation iPod touch to iOS 4.2 later today.

2.) Tap on Settings > Mail, Contacts Calendars and then Tap on “Add Account”.

3.) Tap on MobileMe and input your existing Apple ID (iTunes Store ID) or MobileMe member name. If you don’t have one, you can create one using the Create Apple ID option.

4.) Verify your account via email.

5.) Go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars > MobileMe and toggle on “Find my iPhone”. Then tap “Allow”.

After set up, users can make use of the feature on or download the free Find My iPhone app from the App Store.

For All Other iDevices

If you don’t have an iPhone 4, iPad or fourth-generation iPod touch, you may still be able to get Find My iPhone for free as long as you know someone with the latest iDevice.

According to Apple, if you create your free Find My iPhone account on a new iPhone 4, iPad, or fourth-generation iPod touch, you will be able to use that account on other iOS 4.2 devices.

Create a free Find My iPhone account on any iPhone 4, iPad, or iPod touch (4th generation) running iOS 4.2. Once you create an account on a qualifying device, use your Apple ID and password to enable Find My iPhone on your other devices running iOS 4.2.

In other words, who ever you know that owns the latest iDevice, just get them to log in Find My iPhone on your device and voilà!


  • Anonymous

    Nice! Im going to return my MobileMe box then since I only needed it for Find my iPhone 😉

  • Anonymous

    How will this work if I share my Apple ID (specifically for App Store purchases) with my wife? Will we both be able to take advantage of Find My iPhone?

  • Ex

    Just sign in on all devices with the same Apple ID

  • Knightfire

    So no use to 3G users?

  • Derrick Rockwell

    Is 4.2 out yet? Wondering because I have the 4.2.1GM build installed right now and update isn’t showing me anything yet.

  • Vic_67

    installed 4.2 and set up free find my phone pretty cool 🙂

  • Mike

    No good for 3g users. Boo

  • Mike

    Make that 3GS users even

  • Anonymous

    It won’t show you an update. You’re good to go with the GM version of the OS. You can create your find my iPhone account as per the above instructions. Worked on my iPad perfectly and it’s still running 4.2.1 GM as the OS. Enjoy.

  • Anonymous

    Nope. Once again Apple is “encouraging” everyone to buy a new device. Bastards!!!

  • Binetto

    Does the address need to be I mean I have an apple account with hotmail and it doesn’t seem to sync… Am I doing something wrong?

  • Anonymous

    But it works fine with the paid service…

    Why did they remove it if the thing works fine on iPhone 3G….

  • Abdul

    So this update is pretty much useless for anyone who doesn’t have the current gen iProducts? Elitism.

  • Mike Cooke

    Done everything on my iPod Touch with OS4.2 installed but got “This device does not support Find My , , ,”
    I’m in Canada: is there a problem

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  • Anonymous

    Not exactly, the service still works but you need to have a 2010 iDevice to set it up and then add a pre-2010 iDevice and it works fine.

  • Anonymous

    If you do not have a 4th Gen iPod touch… Or any 2010 iDevice then you must find a 2010 iDevice and set up the account for that, then add a pre-2010 device to that account and it works.

  • Anonymous

    Your Apple ID account should work fine, just give it sometime as the servers are busy and makes authentication difficult.

  • Anonymous

    Your Apple ID account should work fine, just give it sometime as the servers are busy and makes authentication difficult.

  • Teal

    I’m loving this awesome feature! I dont have another iDevice, but I can use the Find My iPhone service from my PC. Works perfectly!

  • Alsaydali

    Why 3GS not supported? it still als new and just 15 months in the market? is that old enough to give them a reason to ignire it? i feel that is not fair, so by that iphone 4 user will enjoy it this few months only till the next one come…

  • Craig

    So I have it loaded on my iPhone 4 and it let me log in with my iTunes account info.
    I have an iMac, but on my mac it won’t let me log in to MobileMe with that same info.

    How do I use my iMac to find my lost iPhone??

    Please help.

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  • Anonymous

    But… if I get a friend with an iPhone 4 to log in to Find my iPhone on my 3GS iPhone with their account… won’t the device then “belong” to THEIR account and not mine? How is that useful?

  • iGuy

    Thanks for this tutorial. Now that 4.2.1 is jailbreakable I was finally able to set this up. I have a question though. I already have three email accounts synced with my iPhone. Now that I have Find My iPhone set up and working, can I delete the mail account or deactivate it on my iPhone? I don’t want the extra MobileMe account to show when I open the native mail app on the phone.