How to Setup Apple Music in Canada; Beats 1 Goes Live [Hands-On]


Apple Music has launched in Canada and worldwide radio station Beats 1 is now live. While Canadians were skeptical whether we would be included at launch, those worries have melted. Not only is Apple Music here in Canada, the pricing is the same as the USA at $9.99/$14.99 for Individual and Family plans.

The revamped Music iOS app first asks you to choose a plan, which will auto charge you once the three month subscription is over:

IMG 0474 IMG 0475

After that, you’ll see the new Music app, with Beats 1 front and centre:

IMG 0476

To select your music preferences, tap on your profile in the upper left corner. Then, tap ‘Choose Artists For You’:

IMG 0477

Here, you tap once on a genre you like and twice on one you love. Press and hold to remove genres you don’t want to listen to. You’ll repeat this for artists you like:

IMG 0478 IMG 0483

Once this is complete, the “For You” tab will have curated music for you:

IMG 0487

I haven’t had much time to dive into the curated songs and albums, but so far I’m loving what I’m seeing. As much as I love my music, I don’t have time to sort and organize all the time so curated streaming is compelling for me. This three-month free trial is pretty big for users to get a real feel for Apple Music.

Of course, there are two albums that are streaming for the first time ever, and that’s Dr. Dre’s The Chronic and Taylor Swift’s 1989. You can also find AC/DC as well, streaming for the first time.

IMG 0485 IMG 0486

Apple Music requires iOS 8.4, which you should have installed this morning. So far, it’s a pretty interesting service and Zane Lowe has done a decent job with kicking off Beats 1. What do you think of Apple Music so far?


  • Alex

    Am I the only one that can’t put song available offline ?

    It says iCloud music library is not available ?

  • Jonathan Moreau

    same here

  • Stephen76

    It works on my iPhone, but doesn’t on my iPad. Are you both using iPads?

  • It’s working here.

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Nope i’m on my iphone 6+

  • Jonathan Moreau

    Seems that if you turn off wifi enable iCloud library then turn it on again it works, I tried and it worked for me.

  • Damn Gary… You make me want to leave work early lol! I’m excited to give this a spin. Only 6 hours to go, I keep repeating that in my head.

  • Haha

  • Yeah!!! 🙂

  • einsteinbqat

    Worst launch ever. Servers are overloaded. Can’t download a thing!

  • That is frustrating dude. Must be because the entire world is updating to iOS 8.4!

  • Tim

    I had no trouble updating. I actually like it so far, especially the ability to “hey siri” request the entire catalog when plugged in, works great with my bluetooth speaker. That said, the thing I like even better is that I don’t have to look at that fugly florescent music button on my home screen anymore. That icon was an embarrassment to Jony Ives. Sheesh. The new white one is a most welcome change.

  • Love the new icon. So fresh and so clean-clean.

  • runner

    I am still not big on streaming music and for music I absolutely love, I want to own it. That being said, I will definitely take advantage of the 3 month trial to discover new artists. I have been using last fm and spotalike to do this already, but this integration with iTunes is nice. Will try it out on my other mac partition.
    Stlll not using iTunes 12 on my main library on my primary partition because of my issues with it that outweigh the benefit of the Apple Music feature.

  • einsteinbqat

    They should have launched Radio a few days or a week later.

  • raslucas

    I was sold on this service NOT having Taylor Swift… So that was kind of a punch in the face… Besides that, It’s really really nice. Nothing is perfect right?

  • hahah

  • einsteinbqat

    Been stuck on this bloody damn screen since 13.00!

  • Chris

    Maybe someone could clarify something for me. Does one need to have a credit card or money on their iTunes account to gain access to this free 3 months of Apple Music? Every time I try to gain access, it gives me an error about insufficient funds as I only have $2.63 on my account and no credit card attached.
    I’m I missing something?

  • Nick

    Both on my iPad and iPhone as well as on my gf’s iPhone (different iTunes account) on both wifi and LTE I can’t get antything in the “connect” tab to load (videos, songs etc.) anyone else?

  • Biggy604

    Going to update my phone now… Do we need a CC attached to sign up for the free trail or not?

  • Anon

    It’s pretty obvious. You either have to have a min. of $9.99 or $14.99 in your account depending on which plan you choose, and OR a CC attached to the account. It needs to be able to auto-charge you after the free trial.

  • Chris

    It actually isn’t “pretty obvious” as Apple is calling this a FREE trial and once you are signed up, you can stop the automatic payment from going through in your settings.
    It is sad that Apple has added a barrier to their new music service that I was looking forward to checking out.
    Oh well, I guess Spotify still gets my money then.

  • Anthony Fan

    Is it just me or what? My phone got an extra 1 GB of free space after the upgrade! YAY!

  • Alexandre Forget

    Forgot the Apple Watch launch ? 😛

  • Alexandre Forget

    Don’t understand the concept of family plan. I have an iPhone 6, my wife has an iPhone 5S and my daughter an iPod Touch 5G. We’re all three devices on family sharing and i’m the administrator.

    I choose family plan (14,99$) on my iPhone 6 on June 30. It says 3 month free until September 30. After that, my wife need to choose a plan too, she select family plan and got free trial until october 1, same thing for my daughter on his iPod Touch.

    I hope i will not get charge 3 times 14,99$ after the free trial.

  • einsteinbqat


  • Chrome262

    this is cool, but i see no reason to continue after the first 3 months. I will still be able to hear new music and my stations afterwords, then actually own the music and have it on match. I feel that if you buy match whats the point. And its ~120 bucks a year, to much for a something I won’t use much.

  • Zzz

    Your mobile website (iPhone) is broken, are you going to fix that problem with it redirecting us always to the app store 🙁