DIY: How to Turn Apple Watch Sport to Gold, Save $13,000 CAD [VIDEO]


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Casey Neistat, the man behind the ‘Chinese Mafia’ iPhone 6 launch documentary (and the ‘Dark Side of the iPhone 5s Lines’), has now shared a way to turn your $519 CAD Apple Watch Sport into a gold watch, by using some do-it-yourself trickery, saving you $13,000 CAD from the ‘entry’ 38mm Apple Watch Edition.

Check it out below:

It actually looks somewhat decent and may trick people in public—would you try this on your Apple Watch Sport?


  • Greg Pajak

    I can see it lasting about 1 week before the paint gets chipped, scratched and looks like shit.

  • FragilityG4

    Anything to get YouTube views ….

  • Rio

    They could add a clear coat on top?

  • Tim M

    now, would this void the warranty?

  • Chrome262

    I like his knives though lol

  • Patrick Ducharme

    Just enough time to resell it on eBay as a real Watch Edition Gold…

  • Ty

    Not Casey in the slightest

  • Edge

    “Looks somewhat decent”?! Oh my, this looks horrid! All for YouTube views (and repostings in certain blogs…. err… umm…..).

  • Just spraypainted mine and it’s beautiful! 😉

  • Edge

    I’m not sure a spray-painted watch has ever had that descriptive word ascribed to it before (kinda like saying a spray-painted car is beautiful). I’m glad you like it, not sure if you’ll like it as well in a few months, and who knows about resale. I guess one could spray paint their iPhone as well…

  • Now if only my bank account could afford spray paint after shelling out for Apple Watch.