HTC CFO Is a Hypocrite Over HD7 “Antennagate” Issue?


The iPhone 4 had antenna issues dubbed “antennagate”. Apple’s idea of a fix was to give out free Bumper cases and to extend their return policy to 30 days. Steve Jobs told people to “Just don’t hold it that way”. Covering the antenna on the iPhone 4 led to dropped signals and calls. People were angry. However, not everyone was affected.

While Apple was mitigating a PR disaster, competitors were quick to pounce on the iPhone 4’s weakness. One of the strongest critics was the CFO of HTC. He had this to say about Apple during the “antennagate” crisis:

“The reception problems are certainly not common among smartphones. [Apple] apparently didn’t give operators enough time to test the phone.”

The HTC HD7 is experiencing an issue when its antenna is being covered, similar to the same issue that affected the iPhone 4. Here is how HTC is defending their HD7:

“Quality in industrial design is of key importance to HTC. To ensure the best possible signal strength, antennas are placed in the area least likely to be covered by a person’s face or hands while the phone is in use.”

Here’s the line that makes HTC’s CFO sound like a hypocrite:

“However, it is inevitable that a phone’s signal strength will weaken a little when covered in its entirety by a user’s palms or fingers.”

How interesting. Looks like HTC’s own criticisms of the iPhone 4 has come back to bite them with the HD7. The reality is antennas are affected when covered. It doesn’t matter what device you own.
[Fast Company via @sukisszoze]


  • Scott

    Except most have to be intentionally covered in unnatural ways to make any difference, while the iPhone4 simply needs to be held normally. And no, I’m not a hater, I have one, and it’s in a case because it has to be.

  • Anonymous

    well put (and true, i too feel your pain :P)

  • James

    The point was that they said the problem was ‘uncommon.’ and that Apple didn’t test their phones well. However, their phone has this exact issue, whether or not you hold it in a very weird way.

  • qwerty

    Your comparing apples to oranges!!!! Get your facts straight, the iPhone 4 is the only mobile device that requires a simple touch of your finger to attenuate the signal. This has been proven over and over. Any phone will degrade somewhat in signal strength if one cups it entirely in ones hand. Lay off the Apple juice and stop believing everything Steve Jobs tells you!!!!!

  • I dont have case on my iphone and I dont have any signal issue! I think the problem come between the 2 eyes of ppl having antennagate! Change your brain or fix it 😛

  • MarkS

    over and over? Where? I have not had the issue once. I am trying it right now actually….hang on….no problem. You should actually try one! Take a chance dude. You might surprise yourself. Millions and Millions sold and I have heard of so few people with the issue… few…it’s laughable. You should just enjoy your Blackberry….they’re neet little phones. Me I’m going to watch some avi’s on my iphone 4(real easy to do with vlc app and cineXplayer app..drag and drop…just to let you know) after I make a crystal clear call.

  • Chris A.

    When I first got the iPhone 4 in mid-October, I was curious if this problem still applied so I did a quick test with a simple touch of the finger and found little to no problem. After this article and the mildly heated comment battled, I decided to try it again using SpeedTest. Here were my results;

    Sitting in my office, I disabled WiFi and ran the test with the phone sitting on my desk untouched; Ping 129ms, Upload 0.16 Mbps, Download 1.52 Mbps.
    Gripping the phone tightly in my left hand palm; Ping 2116ms, Upload 1.85 Mbps, Download 0.03 Mbps.
    Bridging the antenna with just my thumb; Ping 97ms, Upload 3.69 Mbps, Download 2.75 Mbps.
    Case back on the phone, sitting on the desk untouched; Ping 105ms, Upload 0.09 Mbps, Download 1.42 Mbps

    These were all done within the last 20 minutes on the Telus network. Just sayin’

  • qwerty

    I was thinking of doing that also on my iPhone 3GS but I’ll watch a movie on my iPad!!!!! The screen in so much bigger!!!! Like it or not the iPhone 4 is still flawed when you bridge the gap, the one and only!!!!

  • Anonymous

    Not sure how this story is related to iphoneincanada the website. It’s point really is only to “bash” HTC and their comments re: Antennagate. 1) Who cares…..this site is dedicated to iphones 2) How is this “news”? I love this site and believe I haven’t made any negative comments regarding it (and if so not many) but this stuff is like the news channels showing “human interest stories” and NOT the news. If I want “human interest stories” there are a plethora of other websites that offer that dreck. Must be a slow “everything apple and apple related” day lol.

  • Wannastay

    Both Iphone 3g & 4 have a small signal drop when holding it a certain way. Never been a problem though…

  • Sulp

    If you want to play and see how your grip effects signal strength then dial *3001#12345#* then CALL to enter FieldTest mode on your Iphone. Signal bars will be temporary replaced with a numeric signal value…