HTC Unveils 24-Karat Gold One M9 Using a Photo Taken with iPhone [PIC]


Htc one m9 gold iphone

HTC today introduced a 24-karat gold limited edition of its flagship HTC One M9 smartphone, by making the announcement in a Tweet along with pictures of the new device. However, it seems that one of the three photos shared of the new smartphone was taken with an iPhone (via VentureBeat). The smartphone was launched to celebrate the end of the UEFA Champions League season, and features information about the final Champions League match between FC Barcelona and Juventus .

Htc 2

If you look closely at the blown up image above, you can even make out the Apple logo. The company has however now deleted the tweet and has posting a new one without this image.

So far, HTC has neither revealed how you can get one of these gold HTC One M9 phones, nor how many it plans to manufacture and sell. 

Damn that gold material, why the hell does it have to be so shiny? 😛


  • Tim

    Anybody who buys a 24k gold smart watch or phone, something that faces obscenece in a few years, needs their head examined.

  • Tim

    * obselensence

  • SM

    ** obsolescence

  • Tim

    autocorrect fail (again)

  • Rio

    It’s a luxury for people who have money.

  • Same to be said about Kanye wearing the $17,000 gold Apple watch. He needs his head checked lol

    just people being wasteful with money, just to feel more important than the next person.

  • aaloo

    lol. too good

  • He probably got his for free though!

  • Lol

  • True… Perhaps that was his bribe to have him start working on their new music steaming putting together playlists. Heh

  • Present forever

    What were you traying to say?

  • NoOneCares

    Seems more likely that was just an unlucky coincidence. The iPhone in the reflection doesn’t look like it took the picture – it’s aimed at the floor.