Huawei Plans On Overtaking Apple in Two Years


Huawei wants to overtake Apple and become the world’s number two smartphone player in 2018, as the Chinese vendor launched its latest high-end device, the Mate 9.


Speaking to Reuters, Richard Yu, CEO of consumer business, said Huawei planned to take on Apple gradually over the next two years.

“We are going to take them step-by-step, innovation-by-innovation,” said Yu. “There will be more opportunities. Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, augmented reality. It is like driving a car. At every curve or turn, there is an opportunity to overtake the competition.”

The last few years has seen the Chinese company, traditionally a telecoms network supplier, also increase its consumer devices brand presence, with some lofty ambitions to boot.

Huawei is now number three in terms of smartphone shipments, with 9 percent market share by shipping 33.6 million devices in the previous quarter, according to Strategy Analytics. It still has someway to go however, with Apple holding 12 percent market share, shipping 45.5 million devices.

Both companies lag significantly behind market leader Samsung (20.1 percent market share), but Yu is optimistic on future prospects.

“When we announced four years ago that we wanted to sell phones, people told us we were crazy. When we said we wanted to sell 100 million phones, they told us we were crazy,” said Yu, speaking at the company’s launch of its Mate 9 device in Munich.


  • Jay

    lol… so did Blackberry

  • geekyaleks

    They will probably take over by the number of smart phones they make. But that’s not a big surprise – there are a lot of masses in third world countries that can’t afford iPhones. So, yes, they will probably sell a lot of phones… Innovation? What have they ever innovated so far? Asian phone makers just copy others, they don’t innovate anything.

  • They may offer new hardware all the time–but anyone can do that. It’s all about software now.

  • johnnygoodface

    And the Huawei ecosystem is where?

  • Yue Pan

    I think the west is blinded.

    Take a trip to China for instance, you’ll see people paying paying with their smartphones at small grocery stores, small clothing stores, antique shops etc. And every single vending machine in the country will accept smartphone payments. Anybody at any time can receive instant payments.

    Access Groupon like app on their native maps app, access apps like uber on their native maps app. Ability to use their phones as IDs. Book instant mini vacations and same day pick up. Uber like apps for UPS, someone will come pick up your package within 30min. No sign ups or entering credit card info for any of thse services. These are just few of many things they can do with their smartphones.

    The west is lagging at least 2 years behind in terms of app intergration. Apps like WhatsApp compared to wechat is laughable. Apple ecosystem doesn’t allow for many of those features.

    If I lived in China, I would be forced to choose a Samsung or Huawei phone.