Hudson’s Bay Promo: Catch a Pokemon, Save 20% Off In-Store Purchases


Hudson’s Bay is jumping on the Pokemon GO bandwagon, as a new in-store promo looks to draw in foot traffic, beyond lures.

Pokemon go the bay

According to an upcoming flyer sent to RedFlagDeals, from now until August 16th, if you visit a Hudson’s Bay and catch a Pokemon in-store, you can save 20% off your purchase:

Through August 16, head over Hudson’s Bay to play some Pokemon GO and you can take 20% off your purchase when you catch any Pokemon in-store! To claim this deal, simply take a screen shot of your in-store catch and show it at checkout to get your discount.

This offer is live through August 16 and is valid in-store on same day purchases only. Note that this offer excludes cosmetics and fragrances, premium fashion brands, as well as select mattresses, home, and furniture items. There is a limit of one discount per person, and this offer cannot be combined with any other offer.

Pokemon go hudsons bay

Gamers are supposed to show their screenshots to employees at checkout to save their 20% off, but exclusions do apply. While there may not be many Pokemon roaming within the store, it’s yet another way to get more customers into the store.

Let us know if you’re going to try this–time to save 20% off that coffee maker you’ve been eyeing…


  • Mark Ritter

    Would you please stop it with the Pokémon news.
    I’m sure all the teenagers got it by now.
    This is becoming ridiculous!!

  • What do you have against Pikachu, Mark?

  • How can they actually verify that the Pokemon you caught was actually caught in the store and not caught somewhere else earlier in the day? A screenshot doesn’t verify anything except that the Pokemon was caught.

  • Yeah, I think they know this but are doing the promo anyways to get press and foot traffic.

  • einsteinbqat

    Perhaps only AR screen shots are accepted? Just guessing.

  • OliChabot

    Im pretty sure they don’t really care, they just want you to show up in store. Love those promo, two weeks ago Simons did the same thing by giving a 50$ gift card to first 100 person who hunted pokemons in their store ! Left the mall with 50 more dolars in store.

  • Mark Ritter

    Gary, this is becoming preposterous. please stop it with all these silly news about Pokemon.
    I’m sure all the kids who frequent the site got the idea by now.
    I respect your literary and technical views, so please stop this non-sense about these silly Pokemon news. You are better than this.

  • Appreciate you sharing your feedback here, Mark.

    Although not everybody wants to read about Pokemon GO, it is a current trend/phenomenon, so it will be covered. Just skip over the stories you don’t want to read 🙂

  • Mark Ritter

    I understand your need for views by following the “trend/phenomenon”, but this Pokemon is just plain dumb.

    I’m sorry you’re taking the site in that direction!!

  • tomysit

    I love Pokemon News, Please keep going! Thanks Gary!

  • Sidney

    You think it’s plain dumb probably because you are from an older generation who didn’t grow up watching the cartoons and playing the games.
    There’s a Startrek Movie out so you should go see it. My dad grew up watching it and when I went to see it and saw some older men dressed in their Startrek costume I found it cool. I didn’t complain or said that it was plain dumb.

  • Cheers!

  • turdburger

    Mark, just shut up forever please. I can’t pay my bills with your useless opinions

  • Mark Ritter

    If you stopped playing Pokemon, you may have a better chance of paying your bills.
    You should consider getting a job, instead of staring at your mobile phone and playing the stupid game … Seems like it makes your dumber!!

  • Mark Ritter

    As with Star Trek, I don’t see the site gives the app the same level of coverage like that silly Pokemon.
    I’m just saying the coverage is disproportionate … it’s just plain dumb.
    Besides, I’m sure the teenagers who are interested in it, got the idea.

    I’m sorry that Gary is taking the site in that direction. oh, well!!

  • ddsmak

    I’m from the last generation and I play Pokemon Go with my daughter occasionally. I like reading the news about Pokemon. It is not about you! There are other topics in this site I’m not interested, but I just skip those one. Gary is not taking his site to any particular direction at all. Not a big deal. Really!

  • Bingo!

  • Steve

    I am not a teenager, and I love playing Pokemon Go. It gives me extra motivates to go out for a walk or a jog. I lost 5 pounds so far 🙂 since playing the game.

    Keep the Pokemon news coming!

  • Nice work!