Humor: How An Apple Fanboy And An Android Fanboy Give Thanks


Here’s a little US-based Thanksgiving humor for everyone.

As we all know, Thanksgiving is a time to give thanks and be thankful for all of the wonderful things we have. We are thankful for family, friends, and health. But we must be especially thankful for iPhone and Android.

As we can see below, there is a wonderful Thanksgiving exchange between an Android and iPhone user. Check it out:

Happy Thanksgiving indeed!



  • Fescues

    That wasn’t funny at all

  • iPhone > I hope you Update your Android phone OS and it bricks your phone….. AGAIN! lol

  • Pedrampd

    I hope you lose your Gmail Password and can’t Recover your phone but hard reseting it

  • Gadd

    I’m sorry, i thought this was iphoneinCANADA…

    how the hell does one explain the rampant use of AMERICAN spelt words on this site?

    humor????!!!! are you kidding me? seriously, where does this come from?!

    man this steams me!!!

    please learn to SPELL!!!

    thank you

  • Having a bad day? You need to find a hobby to let out your frustrations.
    Or perhaps write letters to yourself, so other don’t have to hear your rudeness.

    I thought this was Canada? We are known for being patient and kind, if you are going to drill others, reflect a little on your own actions too eh? 😛

  • Ex

    Write letters to yourself! Haha win!

  • Ex

    Maybe it’s just easier without the “u”.

    This is not a big deal. Wake up.

  • gordunramsie

    Your sense of humour has GIVEN UP!


  • gordunramsie

    You are a horrible example of a Canadian! I would deport you and RIP that citizenship out of your hands. You belong in Siberia.

    By the way, you speak of American spelling, you PIG, but you fail to use any sort of PUNCTUATION.



  • gordunramsie

    For the love of God, please use Canadian spelling from now on so flamers like GADD don’t come on here and cry because their mother has been neglecting them since birth. FK ME!

    WAKE UP!

  • gordunramsie

    Android users need to WAKE UP! 1 new handset a week is useless. THINK!

  • lol, it’s funny. i can expect windows phone 7 will have a seat of this joke next year.

  • I know, its like they’ve GIVEN UP… DONKEYS! I have had it up to HERE!

  • Anonymous

    This is awesome!

  • Gadd-is-a-Goof

    You’re a goof. You dont even use capitals at the beginning of YOUR sentences.

    Then you have the nerve to get “steamed up” becuase he doesn’t spell properly over the internet.

    Gadd, your a waste of air and space.

  • Debochallenge

    I hope the writer of this ‘joke’ gets cancer.

  • hahaha funny 🙂