Apple Doubles iCloud Limits for Contacts, Calendars and More


In an updated support article spotted by the folks over at, Apple has doubled the iCloud storage limits for Contacts, Calendars, Reminders, and Bookmarks, since a number of users have been reporting issues keeping changes up to date across all their devices, most likely because they have exceed one or more of their limits.

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Apple recommends that in order to help iCloud keep all information up to date, users should keep their data within the following limits:

Calendars and Reminders

  • Total number of calendars, events, and reminders: 25,000
  • Maximum combined number of calendars and reminder lists you can have: 100
  • Maximum size of all calendar and reminder data (not including attachments): 24 MB
  • Maximum size of all event attachments: 300 MB
  • Maximum size of a calendar event including attachments: 20 MB
  • Maximum number of attachments per event: 20
  • Maximum number of attendees you can invite to an event: 300
  • Maximum number of people with whom you can share a private calendar: 100
  • Maximum number of characters in a reminder title: 100


  • Total number of contact cards: 50,000
  • Maximum size of a contact card: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact photo: 224 KB
  • Maximum size of a contact group: 256 KB
  • Maximum size of all contact cards:
    • Card text: 24 MB
    • Card photos: 100 MB
  • Supported file types for a contact photo: JPEG, BMP, PNG, GIF
  • vCard import limits:
    • Total number of vCards: 50,000
    • Maximum size of a vCard: 256 KB (photo + text)
    • Maximum photo size for a vCard: 224 KB


  • Total number of bookmarks: 25,000
  • Maximum size of a bookmark: 4 KB
  • Maximum size of all bookmarks: 24 MB


  • Sweet! Now Apple needs to bump up the iPhoto cloud storage. 5GB for free isn’t enough. knowing there’s plenty of others the double that amount or more for free, and Google doing photos with an unlimited ceiling, providing you don’t mind them being scaled down a little.

  • “5GB for free isn’t enough.”

    Interesting statement that reflects our culture nowadays, hey? “I know I’m not paying for it, but I deserve more.”

    Now, I’m not trying to say you’re ungrateful, and I understand where you’re coming from. Compared to what others are offering, it doesn’t seem adequate, and you are paying for the phone itself, which they’re making a fair amount of money off of. It’s also quite apparent that Apple isn’t hurting for cash, so surely they can afford to give a little more, right? Still, the way that statement was worded interested me.

  • What I mean by isn’t enough is I feel I’m a pretty normal users in terms of photos and videos. I’ve only had my iPhone for a month and I’ve nearly reached the half way point already.
    Looking at what windows and Google and many others offer for free as well, 5gb isn’t enough for my style of usage.

    Not really complaining about it, more of just a statement how inadequate it is for a free option. All considering we’re holding one of the most expensive phones in the world 😛

    I came from android and Google drive where it was virtually limitless. I can see where you got your conclusion from, I meant no harm against Apple for it.

  • Yeah, that totally makes sense. It definitely isn’t enough for me either, but I’m too cheap to pay for more space from Apple when I can just back up my phone to my computer for free.

    I wasn’t viewing what you said as complaining. I understand what you meant and totally agree with you, I’d love to see them increase the space. I just noticed that it sounded funny if you pull the statement out on its own. I think it hit me mostly because I was thinking the same thing, and then when I read it, I realized how strange of a thought it was from a different point of view.

  • True. I’ve been an Android user for years and know Apple and Google constantly steal/borrow ideas from each other. I’d love Apple to take a play from googles book and not necessarily increase storage, but include an option where you can store full size images on the cloud, or have them automatically reduced to the 2048 x 2048 max that Google shrinks them too, which really makes your storage go a lot further if you don’t plan on enlarging your photos, you don’t really notice the degrade in quality.

  • That would be a nice option. That’s the reason I love that Apple hasn’t increased the resolution of the iPhone camera past 8MP. 8MP is already more resolution than anyone needs from a cell phone camera and increasing it past that point just takes up more storage space for photos on my phone. Plus, you’ll get better low light performance with fewer pixels on the sensor.

  • Anon

    Why not just abandon iCould all together when it comes to Photo’s. Flckr has free 1TB for photo’s/video, and other options like OneDrive, Box, etc.

  • I’m a stickler for using native services. I can also use googles own unlimited photo storage on iPhone as well, I just love how native services like iCloud integrate with my iPhone and Mac air. Sometimes user experience is more valuable to me. It really comes down to personal preference. Flickr has definitely become a viable option for sure though.

  • Ron

    “5GB for free isn’t enough.”

    The word “free” should not of been in there, as that measly 5GB is paid for when you buy an iPhone.

  • Anon

    The third-party apps offer pretty good integration. I have it set so that when I take a photo, it auto uploads it to OneDrive. I can access all photo’s through the OneDrive app on all iDevices and my PC. It behaves the same as iCloud, just that you access the Photos through the OneDrive app, instead of opening “pictures”.

  • IMO this is why there’s a difference:
    Google gives tons of data and wants your data because they data-mine it’s users for ads and other related services.
    Apple considers their user’s data their own personal, and doesn’t use the data to sell them anything.