Apple’s New iCloud Storage Plans Go Live, Existing Users Get Prorated Refunds


Apple’s new iCloud storage plans have gone live and you can see the new plans right on your iOS device. For existing users, the company has given a ‘thank you’ by upgrading their storage plans and getting prorated refunds based on their subscription plan.

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Check out the details from the email we received below:

We recently announced new, more affordable iCloud storage plans. As a thank you for being a current iCloud storage plan subscriber, we’ve upgraded your storage plan and you will be receiving a refund based on the reduced plan price.

Your plan has been upgraded from 25 GB of total storage at $40.00 a year to 25 GB at just $11.99 a year. You will receive a prorated refund of $13.28, which is based on the price reduction and the remaining months on your subscription. On March 1, 2015 this 25 GB plan will automatically renew and you will be charged $11.99.

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So I was previously paying $40 annually for 25GB of storage, but now that will be $11.99 per year, based on the $0.99/month plan for 20GB (plus the 5GB free).

What iCloud storage plan are you currently on? Apple’s prices, while cheaper than before, still do not rival the pricing scheme of Google and Dropbox, which offer 1TB for $9.99 per month.


  • Flash

    I haven’t gotten this yet, it still shows my 15GB plan for $20/year…I can select an upgrade of the new plans (20Gb for $12/year) – do I have to upgrade or will it happen automatically?

  • I just got the email automatically, maybe it’s still rolling out for all users.

  • It’s already enabled on my devices in the Settings > iCloud App. I didn’t receive the email and Apple is the only company I trust. Google and Gmail are a security nightmare and Dropbox is fine but I rarely use it.

  • MrDPrize

    haven’t bothered to sign up. free dropbox handles my needs, though it can be clunky to use on the iphone

  • sukisszoze

    Apple has to drop their prices now that Dropbox is offering $10.99 a month for 1TB.

  • BrodieTheDog

    Sweet. I got the upgrade and a refund.

  • Yeah!

  • Tom

    Where does the refund go to?

  • John H

    Not sure where my comment went. I said that technically you’re getting a better deal than what you can currently buy. The 20GB includes the 5GB free so you’re paying for an additional 15GB(I just did it and it shows I only have 20GB total). You are getting an extra 5GB for free with this.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    i got bumped from 50 gigs a year for 200

    unsure what i was paying before but its now like $50

  • mrideas

    Went from 15gb to 20gb but only costing me $10.99/year billed annually. Was previously $20. That works. Saves me a buck. Likely just spend it in the App Store anyway. Nice for them to recognize those that bought additional storage too.