Illegal Ride-Sharing App in Richmond Reportedly Won’t Take Non-Chinese Fares


On Monday, the provincial government discussed the future of ride-sharing apps in British Columbia.

British Columbia already has a total of seven illegal ride-sharing services operating all over the province. According to the BC Taxi Association, five of these ride-sharing apps are operating in Richmond alone.

GoKabu is one of the ride-sharing companies that is operating in Richmond. Global News attempted to catch a ride with this ride-sharing service, however, the driver refused to take the fare when he showed up.

Eventually, Global News got a ride with a driver in an Audi A4. Global National Mandarin reporter Frank Qi went along for the ride, explaining:

“The driver said the company running the app asked them not to take any Westerners, or, say, non-Chinese riders.”

In a statement, City Spokesman Ted Townsend said that these companies would never receive a business licence operating in this fashion. The BC Taxi Association said that all these illegal ride-sharing services are making it really difficult for taxi drivers.

If these illegal services are spotted, operators are receiving a fine of $1,150. However, this does not seem to be enough to stop the drivers from doing business.


  • Joe

    The police spent more time catching these people. They most likely don’t pay taxes, which means they’re costing every law abiding Canadian a ton of money and/or government services that we’ll have to cut.

  • Joe

    Police should spend*

  • Saab Man

    How I pine for the days when criminals weren’t racist…

  • Saab Man

    What about Uighurs?

  • My 1/2 cents


  • Anaron

    You can edit your comments.

  • VanCity

    The fines should get bigger each time. The gov/police could spend all year catching illegal business activity, rights violations, money laundering, and tax evaders in Richmond alone. There’s just one terrible story after another out of there.

  • Anaron

    They should increase the fine and continue to do so the longer this goes on.

  • Olley

    Illegal ride sharing aside, this says a lot about Chinese in general, that “we will exclude you if you don’t speak Chinese” mentality. Disgusting. This is why you see almost zero English signs for business in Richmond and family being forced out of home because strata meeting is conducted entirely in Chinese.

    If you refuse to integrate, you better go the fack back to China.

  • Sam

    Double the fine AND do an income tax audit to make sure they are paying the right amount of taxes. Or jail them till they tell who’s behind the app/org??? Or maybe give them a criminal record ???

  • Jack

    Not if you post as a “guest”


    Keep letting them in your province see what happens, same shit as Muslims .they don’t want to assimilate to Canada

  • Anaron

    Today, I learned.

  • Buddha Buddy

    It looks like “old stock” Canadians are very comfortable showing their racist colours more and more every day.
    Yet when Quebec pretty much officially bans all but French, nary a peep is heard.
    How welcoming indeed; so much for “sunny ways”.
    Remember, this is an Apple centric tech site. Let’s stay on topic, shall we?
    And maybe at least pretend to be kind to one another.
    Good day friends.

  • Nigleet

    You sound upset. Did someone leave you a bad fortune cookie?

  • Mich

    My gosh look at all the kneejerk racists. Not surprised. At all.

  • Some Anon Dude

    Ok hold on, what do you mean by “assimilate”?
    – To integrate with the people and the culture, find a middle ground, and be law abiding citizens (or PRs)? OR
    – to leave our religion behind and become whatever you want us to be?

    Last time I checked, immigrants and tourists who travel to Dubai weren’t forced to “Assimilate” as in leave their culture behind, ratehr just stay within the law

  • WallsOfJericho316

    Isn’t this ridesharing company being racist against non-Chinese (aka Westerners)?