Images Surface of Accessories Made with Apple’s New Smaller Dock Connector [PICS]


iLounge has posted what sources tell them are new accessories made with Apple’s smaller dock connector, which we have seen leaked previously. The accessories clearly show a much smaller connector compared to the existing 30-pin connector:

Each of the images appears to show upcoming products from leading third-party accessory maker Scosche, beginning with “syncABLE Pro,” a dual-device wall charger and “reNUE Pro,” a dual-device car charger. Both charging products are bundled with a cable that converts its Micro USB plug into a “new Apple connector,” and come in multiple versions with varying levels of power output.

Here are the images below–note that iLounge has now removed them at the request of Scosche, an indication they are the real deal:



A much smaller dock connector enables Apple to produce a much thinner phone and also frees up space for other components. What do you think of these new accessories?


  • draz

    I just hope the new dock connector doesn’t mess up existing products like car head units when connected to a smaller-pin -> 30pin adapter…

  • Farids

    I just hope to god Apple includes some kind of adapter to make accessories compatible. I’ve spent hundreds to integrate my iDevices intomy home, car, work etc. I hate to buy these all over again 🙁

  • Akhtar

    If apple doesnt, someone in china will