iMessage and FaceTime Outage Currently Affecting Some Users [Update]


You’re not going crazy–iMessage and FaceTime is currently down for the count. Apple’s iCloud status page was recently updated to reflect the outage, even though it the outage has affected users for the past 2-3 hours.


Expect Apple to fix this shortly. iMessage was previously down a couple times in late October. Apple needs to fix these outages for good.

Is iMessage working for you?

Update: Here’s a tip on how to force send an iMessage as a text message. iMessage is still down.

Update: Apple’s iCloud status page now shows everything is back online:



  • mrideas

    Super annoying and unacceptable for Apple. Had more outages this year than all previous years combined it seems!! More than 3 hours??? Super not happy.

  • I’m surprised this hasn’t seen any mainstream media attention. If this were RIM, it would be the lead story on the CBC 🙂

    Meanwhile: have I won that iPod yet?

  • alamarco

    A few outages is acceptable, but this is happening way too often. Apple needs to fix this and not drag this on any further. Text messaging is important for most young people now a days and I don’t think people will put up with all these outages if it keeps dragging on.

    Personally, I’m getting tired of having to constantly turn off iMessage in order to get messages across.

  • Hold the chat bubble, and an option to ‘send as text message’ will pop up.

  • alamarco

    Right, but you have to do that for every text message if you don’t turn off iMessage. I’ve tried that, but every time I wanted to send a message I had to keep holding the bubble and keep pressing send as text. That’s annoying as hell and far less productive than just turning it off.

  • I’m so glad that I just signed up an unlimited text for myself. Bye bye iMessage.

  • Quit whinning

    I think we should all quit whining. In all the time since iMessages was added this is the first couple times it has ever happened. Spoiled brats can’t live without there iMessages for a couple hours

  • bradg17

    Yeah it’s happening to me but its not that big of a deal, I’ll just send a text message instead. Although it would be nice if they fixed these recent outages for good.

  • Carm

    boohoo.. get over it. its happened a couple times and not for very long. god forbid you cant send a message for half an hour

  • nosnoop

    Not everyone can use Text Message when iMessage is down. Those wifi-only iPads, and most Macs are completely dependent on iMessage.

  • einsteinbqat

    Apple, iCloud, and everything related to, and in-between them is growing just too fast, I believe. Millions of devices connected to Apple/iCloud’s servers will bring them down at some point for some people. And it’s not that bad, not everyone is affected. This is not a system-wide outage.

    >>> SMS and emails still exist. And most importantly, everyone can still make a phone call!

  • It still does not work for me no matter what Apple’s status page says. SMS only for me at the moment

  • I’m still down…just says waiting for activiation.

  • Farids

    You can shut down the iMessage in settings. Then your iPhone will sent the message as SMS text only. Apple maybe in the process of upgrading the fiber optic connection in between the data farms. This maybe the reason for the recent down times.