iMessage, FaceTime Outage Affecting Some Users [Update]


If your friends and family haven’t been replying to your iMessages or FaceTime calls, it’s because the service has been hit with an outage for some users, as noted on Apple’s iCloud System Status page:

Screen Shot 2013 04 09 at 1 26 55 PM

Below, the detailed timeline view shows the outage started just after 12 noon and has continued to affect some users. Our own iMessages have not been going through for the past hour. These outages were common last fall, as on numerous occasions users were unable to send iMessages and FaceTime calls. Expect this outage to be fixed quickly by Apple.

To bypass iMessage, here are instructions on how to force send a text message.

In the meantime, other messaging protocols such as WhatsApp can be your best friend right about now. Are iMessages and FaceTime calls working for you?

Update 5:43PM PDT: Looks like the outage has been fixed as Apple’s System Status page for iCloud notes it ended at 5:20PM PDT:

imessage outage


  • hub2

    Yep, affected. Won’t send. But, I have firsthand proof that even “Delivered” messages don’t always actually get delivered.

  • jabohn

    Messages are going through as texts. Turning iMessage off then back on won’t work, it won’t activate.

  • Marco

    yup, down for me as well..

  • Kamal Ahmad

    For me as well