iMessage Outage Being Experienced by Numerous Users [Update]


Looks like Apple’s iMessage is down for the count, as noted by numerous users. Messages look like they are about to finish sending, but they don’t completely go through. Our own experience trying to send iMessages on our Mac gives us a message that particular users “aren’t registered with iMessage” (which isn’t true):

The last time an iMessage outage hit was back in mid-September. During times like these we usually fall back to WhatsApp or even Skype. Is iMessage down for you?

Update: The outage appears to be over for the majority of users.


  • yeah it’s down

  • draz

    SMS always gets the job done when iMessage fails.

  • JayFord

    Just came back on for me.

  • Still down for me.

  • Just came back on for me too

  • Hyperextension

    Both FaceTime and iMessage is down here on all my family’s devices. Two iPhone 5, iPad and two Macbook Pros. I have tried to reactivate both iMessage and FaceTime on all of them and get errors. Hope it gets fixed soon as it is quite annoying. It looks like cellular only is having issues. iMessage will activate for my email addresses, but not my mobile number. I am on Bell.

  • Hyperextension

    iMessage seems to be up and going now, but not FaceTime. FaceTime says that it is activated, but test calls fail. Actually a few come in late. I would test call from either my computer to my phone and it would not ring on the receiving end. I hang up and up to a minute later, it starts to ring on the receiving end. Strange indeed. iMessage ok, FaceTime not so much.

  • yearoftherat

    Still down….

  • Was down. Wasn’t sure why, but now I know after reading this thread.

  • Hyperextension

    FaceTime is now working again. All is well.

  • We can live our lives again!

  • didn’t notice it down. was messaging all day on it, except when i was on the subway, might of been down then.