ING Direct Apple Pay Launch Looks Near for Users in Australia [PICS]


It appears Apple Pay is yet to hit another major bank, this time ING Direct in Australia. Reported marketing materials advertising ING Direct and Apple Pay were seen on Twitter:

ING direct apple pay

And another:

Apple pay ING direct b

iPhone in Canada reader Daniel, based in Australia, confirmed Apple Pay terms and conditions now appear when trying to add his ING Direct credit card.

Ing direct apple pay 2

Also, unconfirmed reports claim Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA), the bank which is leading the battle against the ACCC to pressure Apple to open up Apple Pay to banks in the country, is reportedly testing Apple Pay in the wild with bank credit cards. If this is true, it would suggest Australian banks may be giving up their fight against Apple to gain access to the iPhone’s Secure Element, which stores Touch ID and Apple Pay information.


  • Profeshi

    This has nothing to do with Canada!

  • Peter Mikhail

    Exactly! Why is this here? I like this blog because it is focused on Canada! Lately the blog is losing focus on Canada.

  • Dwayne Brewer

    Are ING and Tangerine still connected? Could this mean that Tangerine might allow Apple Pay for debit purchases?

  • poopchute

    Basically the same thing.
    Even so, this probably should have been posted on the “iPhone In Australia” site.

  • xeronine992

    It was interesting when Apple Pay expanded outside the US before coming to Canada, but now that we have it here it doesn’t matter if another bank in some other country gets it..

  • Dominic

    I don’t believe so, their connection seems completely segregated since the acquisition from ScotiaBank as everything runs through them and no branding shows any relationship from their past Dutch proprietor.