Here’s How Instagram Might Look on Apple Watch [Concept]


A new concept by Hungary-based design team JBS Labs gives us a peak at how the popular Instagram app might look on Apple’s upcoming smartwatch. According to BusinessInsider, the concept has basically trimmed down the information displayed on Instagram’s smartphone apps and has re-arranged it for the Apple Watch’s smaller display.

Instagram apple watch png

As you can see in the image above, Instagram photos are displayed at the maximum width possible in the newsfeed, while the only other information you see is the name and avatar of the image’s poster. Double tapping will like the post while a single tap will bring up the details normally found underneath an Instagram post. Similarly, Profiles show a user’s picture, posts, followers, and those they’re following easily accessible by either tapping or scrolling.

“JBS Labs even showed off how Instagram could take full advantage of the Apple Watch’s two styles of notifications: “short look” and “long look” notifications.

Below you can see how a short look notification presents an overview of the total Instagram notifications, while the long look notification breaks it down by likes, comments, and new followers.”

Instagram apple watch concept png

Instagram apple watch concept 1 png

I don’t know about you guys but I personally love the concept. Do let us know what you think.

Meanwhile, check out the full gallery of concept images at this link.


  • Al

    I kinda don’t think Instagram will make a watch app. They don’t even have an app designed for the iPad. It doesn’t really seem to be in line with the practical intent of Instagram , OR the watch.

    Occasionally, it’s hard to make out photos even on the iPhone. Check out your own photos in grid view (imagining that you’re seeing them for the first time through someone else’s eyes). It can get frustrating. You want to tap on some of them to see them larger so that you can figure out what you’re looking at, or to just better appreciate the photo in full size.

    In my opinion, Instagram on the watch would be aggravating.

  • Tim

    A smart watch is one too many devices. Pulling something out of your pocket that gives you a much better user experience isn’t a nuisance. If you really need simple notifications on the fly, get a pebble because trying to have rich interaction with this thing is only going to make you want to pull out your phone.

  • Al

    It definitely has some benefits, and may be worth it to some.