Top Canadian Instagram Accounts to Follow for Earth Day


Earth Day coming April 22, and will be celebrated by over 193 countries and over a billion people worldwide, all with goals to make living greener on our planet.

Earth day canada

Facebook has shared with iPhone in Canada some of the top Canadians Instagram accounts to follow, related to Earth Day. According to Instagram, these users “highlight Canada’s natural beauty, as well as gain a better understanding of the many conservation efforts happening across the country.”

  1. Paul Zizka:
  2. Paul Nicklen:
  3. John E Marriott:
  4. Rebecca Simrose:
  5. Sea Legacy:
  6. Environment and Climate Change Canada:
  7. Ocean’s Initiative:
  8. Ian McAllister:
  9. Chris Istace:
  10. Nicole & Colby:

Earlier this month, Instagram launched ‘Direct’, which now allows for videos and photos to disappear within direct messages.


  • FragilityG4

    I’m for the Earth, Clean Air, Clean Water & Zero Pollution. I am not for the notion that AGW is real and we should bankrupt the present for something that won’t happen in the future.

  • Sam

    Would love it if you are right but I don’t believe you. Because if you KNOW the future, you would spell out exact why AGW will not come to be.

  • FragilityG4

    Well carbon only makes up 5% of the atmosphere. The biggest producer of carbon is the ocean. The largest greenhouse gas is water vapor. It was hotter in the medieval period than it is today and they had no cars or manufacturing .

    The global temperature spiked from the late 1800’s to the 1940’s a much quicker rate in growth than the 40’s until now and industries and cars alike didn’t boom until the 50’s.

    The sun truly dictates our weather depending on the solar activity and sunsposts. Furthermore, the earths magnetic field has been fluctuating a lot for many years now and there could be the possibility that the polarity flips as earth is about 200,000 years overdue for a flip. The magnetic field is the most likely reason to temperature change as it is responsible for deflecting most of the solar radiation produced by the sun. Without a magnetic field, the solar radiation would slowly tear away our atmosphere making earth inhabitable for life. Many scientists hypothesized back in 2014 that this was the fate of Mars millions of years ago.

    I noticed you made a remark about me knowing the future, no I don’t and neither do celebrities, politicians and environmental extremists.

    I just research data and formulate what I believe to be the best most logical hypothesis. And yes it is a hypothesis, but so is Al Gore and Leonardo DiCapprio’s stance.