Instagram Eliminates Apple Watch App as Apple Begins Requiring Native Apps


Instagram is the latest company to ditch the Apple Watch, eliminating its Apple Watch app in an update that was released to the App Store this morning.

In a statement to French site iPhoneAddict, the company said that its Apple Watch app was built using the watchOS 1 SDK, which has been discontinued by Apple on April 1st. The company didn’t want to put in any effort to rebuild the app, so they decided to end support for the wearable device.

Last year, Apple started notifying developers that Apple Watch apps would have to be native apps built with the watchOS 2 SDK or later as of April 1st, 2018. Apple is pushing developers to build native apps as they run faster on the device and thus provide users with a better experience.

Instagram joins several other companies that have abandoned Apple Watch app development, including Twitter, Google, and eBay.


  • Joe

    Honestly, who’s looking at Instagram pictures on their watch? The watch is for notifications and quick interactions.

  • Olivier

    The app wasnt that good anyways

  • MrLemon

    Yah. And who needs twitter, Google and eBay on a watch. It not like the watch is a replacement for the phone. It’s meant to be a notification screen. Like breaking off the top part of an iPhone and using it separately.

  • Riley Freeman

    the app sucked anyway. Didnt work half the time. RBC app is the same too. The balance preview barely ever works unless i open it on my phone then try and open it on my watch.

  • Yes, This is interesting question.

  • mrideas

    Glad I’m not the only that thinks the rbc app is ridiculous. I gave up on it long ago. Super super slow too.