Interac Says December 23 Will Be Busiest Shopping Day of the Year


Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? Interac says December 23 will be the busiest shopping day of the year, based on their consumer survey.

Last year, Canadians made over 21 million transactions and spent $1 billion on December 23, 2015. Most popular retailers based on purchases included grocery stores, discount retailers and liquor stores, rounding out the top three, in order.

Interac’s commissioned survey says 31 per cent of Canadians claim they will shop on December 23, about the same number of people who said they’ll be working that day.

By using Interac Flash at checkout, the company says Canadians can save time at the check out. Currently, Canada’s big banks support Interac and Apple Pay, making an even more seamless transaction at checkout. Already, Interac Flash volumes for November 2016 have already doubled compared to a year ago.

Martin Ho, AVP of Product Management, Interac Association and Acxsys Corporation, said in a statement “With the holidays nearly upon us, Canadians can rely on Interac Flash to speed through the busy checkout lines with ease.”

Check out the Interac infographic below:

20161208 C2491 PHOTO EN 834470

The survey was conducted at the end of November, from 1,508 randomly selected panelists from Angus Reid.


  • Many99

    Is there any information on when interac will add debit to ApplePay within apps

  • NOHoldsBar

    I’m still baffled at all the people who can’t manage their finances and still pay by cash or interac. Paying by credit cards is still the most secure and easiest method of payment.

  • sarge

    I feel bad for anyone paying with Interac. No rewards, no incentives, limited fraud protection. I’m raking in nearly $1000/year cashback on a credit card and have never paid interest

  • Peter

    I could never understand people that pay with Interac. Use credit cards and pay it off right away if you are scared.

  • IAN

    And banks charge plenty for using Interac….. Whereas you pay no fees for credit cards.