Awesome iOS 10 Concept Imagines New Features That Make Sense [VIDEO]


Designer Sam Beckett makes some of the best iOS concept videos around, and he was recently commissioned by MacStories to help bring Federico Viticci’s iOS 10 wishlist to life.

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The video shows off features Apple should introduce with iOS 10, expected to be previewed this June at WWDC. Some of these include a customizable Control Center, System Dark Mode, Revamped Messages, Improved iCloud Drive file picker, iPad multitasking, Siri API and textual Siri, and a smarter Proactive page.

Check out the video below—it looks amazing and Beckett was the right choice to make this video:

What features from this iOS 10 wishlist do you want to come true?


  • Ryan Goodfellow

    I really liked the split view app selector (or any variant thereof where i can search for the app i want). I find it frustrating trying to find apps in split view. scrolling through the entire list, not knowing exactly where in the list the app i want is. dark mode would also be nice, emoji search would be nice. proactive definitely needs help – they advertised it as learning what i do, but i must be a totally random user because it never recommends anything i need

  • Chris Jones

    Great concept video. A few additional features please:
    1. Dark mode should be respected by various apps (although I doubt games), but any apps that followed the glaring white background theme.
    2. Increase size of contacts photos and avatars. The iPhone has this amazing resolution yet IOS9 chose to give tiny circled contact photos. I want to see square photos about 1″X1″ minimum to actually see the person’s face properly., and take advantage of this amazing screen.
    3. Increase the sizing of emojis so we can see the detail better. Far too small.
    4. Customizable layout of app icons similar to Android.