iOS 10 Magnifier Turns Your iPhone’s Camera into a Magni


There is a new accessibility feature in iOS 10 called Magnifier that lets users use the Camera as a magnifying glass with a custom UI.


The magnifier UI gives you access to the camera flash so it can be used in low-light conditions. The new feature also allows users to lock focus and grab a freeze frame. Users can also adjust the colour settings to increase contrast and brightness for easier viewing.

In order to enable Magnifier on iOS 10, go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Magnifier. You can then activate the feature with a triple tap of the home button.

[via Reddit]


  • Quattro

    Nice feature. It sure beats trying to hold a prescription bottle in one hand, with your phone in the other while trying to zoom with your nose and tongue.

  • Me

    Doesn’t surprise me. This was already available in the app EyeReader. Apple just incorporated the neat idea after it was effectively used and available for several years!