iOS 11.0.1 Download Released for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [u]


Apple has just pushed out iOS 11.0.1 for download, which comes in at 279.6MB for the iPhone 7 Plus. The update says it includes “bug fixes and improvements for your iPhone or iPad.” This also marks the first update for iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus (286.6MB).

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This release of iOS 11.0.1 comes one week after Apple released iOS 11.

Yesterday, macOS High Sierra was finally made available for Mac users.

Direct download links below:

  • iOS 11.0.1 (Build 15A402) for:
    • iPad Air (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,1) — Download
    • iPad Air (Cellular) (iPad4,2) — Download
    • iPad Air (China) (iPad4,3) — Download
    • iPad mini 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,4) — Download
    • iPad mini 2 (Cellular) (iPad4,5) — Download
    • iPad mini 2 (China) (iPad4,6) — Download
    • iPad mini 3 (Wi-Fi) (iPad4,7) — Download
    • iPad mini 3 (Cellular) (iPad4,8) — Download
    • iPad mini 3 (China) (iPad4,9) — Download
    • iPad mini 4 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,1) — Download
    • iPad mini 4 (Cellular) (iPad5,2) — Download
    • iPad Air 2 (Wi-Fi) (iPad5,3) — Download
    • iPad Air 2 (Cellular) (iPad5,4) — Download
    • iPad Pro (9.7”, Wi-Fi) (iPad6,3) — Download
    • iPad Pro (9.7”, Cellular) (iPad6,4) — Download
    • iPad Pro (Wi-Fi) (iPad6,7) — Download
    • iPad Pro (Cellular) (iPad6,8) — Download
    • iPad 5 (Wi-Fi) (iPad6,11) — Download
    • iPad 5 (Cellular) (iPad6,12) — Download
    • iPad7,1 (iPad7,1) — Download
    • iPad7,2 (iPad7,2) — Download
    • iPad7,3 (iPad7,3) — Download
    • iPad7,4 (iPad7,4) — Download
    • iPhone 5s (GSM) (iPhone6,1) — Download
    • iPhone 5s (CDMA) (iPhone6,2) — Download
    • iPhone 6 Plus (iPhone7,1) — Download
    • iPhone 6 (iPhone7,2) — Download
    • iPhone 6s (iPhone8,1) — Download
    • iPhone 6s Plus (iPhone8,2) — Download
    • iPhone SE (iPhone8,4) — Download
    • iPhone 7 (iPhone9,1) — Download
    • iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone9,2) — Download
    • iPhone 7 (iPhone9,3) — Download
    • iPhone 7 Plus (iPhone9,4) — Download
    • iPod touch 6G (iPod7,1) — Download
  • iOS 11.0.1 (Build 15A403) for:

…refresh for updates


  • Corey Beazer

    Been VERY MUCH looking forward to this… iOS11 has been buggy as hell on my iPhone 6

  • Ced

    Iphone 8 is much smooth on transition… some display bug is corrected !

  • Nice to see the 11.0.1 release just one week later!

  • jabohn

    Supposedly this fixed the “message rejected from the server” issue with Exchange email accounts. I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s all it does.

  • OliChabot

    I wonder if they don’t make the first OS laggy so they can patch it later. Example : Apple release iOS 11. Two days later it gets jailbroken. Apple can then fix the jailbreak possibily, send a « patched » iOS that uninstall the jailbreak and makes it smoother for users.people who jailbreak huen have two choices : either update to lose their jailbreak but get a better running phone, or stick with the jailbreak but get a laggy phone.

  • bbbwww

    ios 11 has been the worst for bugs I’ve experienced since ios 7 BETA

  • xxxJDxxx

    3d touch app switcher back?

  • bbousquet

    Considering the number of people who jailbreak their phone is so small, I don’t think they care that much.

  • bbousquet


  • Daniel

    Not that Wikipedia is always accurate, but they note that iOS 11.0.1 “Fixes issue with Exchange email servers”

  • tomm

    I totally agree, buggy as hell and slower than molasses in iphone 6

  • james

    which one of these is for iphone 8plus 256gb ? thanks

  • Sly C

    I’m still not getting the download showing up in my settings and the link didn’t work.

  • Steve

    11.0.1 is much better now on iPhone 6. No more glitchy scrolling and apps open faster.

  • Steve

    Jailbreakers have been on to that years ago, and wait for the first few patches. That’s why you never see an immediate Jailbreak after a major iOS release. We won’t see one for iOS 11 until at least 11.1 or later.