iOS 11.2 Lets You Handoff Phone Calls to Your Mac


Last week, Apple released iOS 11.2 with support for Apple Pay Cash, 7.5-watt wireless charging, and a fix for a date bug that can cause devices to enter a soft reset loop. The update also introduced three new Live wallpapers for the iPhone X, improved video camera stabilization, and support in HealthKit for downhill snow sports distance.


In addition to all these great features, the iOS 11.2 update also introduced the much awaited ‘Calls Handoff’ feature, which lets you Handoff phone calls from the iPhone to your Mac. A user on Reddit has also shared a small video clip that shows the feature in action. 

While you’re in a call on iOS 11.2, tapping the ‘audio’ button now brings up the option to Handoff the call to your nearby Mac. If you select the option, you can continue the phone call seamlessly on your computer.

Check out the video at this link to see the ‘Calls Handoff’ feature in action.


  • erth

    very cool!!!

  • Gerry Lee

    I noticed that feature when I went to put my phone on speaker phone earlier.

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    I love this! So convenient!

  • So Young

    It’s cool, but a little useless. I don’t know why or when I would want to switch my call if I talk on my phone to my iMac or iPad. I only do this if the other way (answer a call on the iPad and switch to the phone)

  • Jeagerjaques Doo (???)

    Usually I work on my Mac, it’s easy to put phone down 😉

  • Kyle Wilson

    this feature is not showing up for me, any suggestions? I have an iphone 7 and macbook pro 2016, is this an iphone X only feature?

    please note handoff is working for everything else. I can see when i open browser, notes etc on my iphone they show up on the dock on my macbook pro.

  • Josh

    I have an iPhone X and Calls Handoff isn’t working with my MacBook Pro either. It does work with my iPad Pro though. And Handoff is working for everything else, too. I’ve tried everything. Not more much info out there about this new feature. I keep hoping with every OS update that it’ll magically start working,