iOS 11.3 Download Released for 6th-Gen iPad Only


After announcing the new sixth-generation iPad yesterday at its education event in Chicago, Apple has released iOS 11.3 for the new tablet, which becomes available this Friday.


  • iOS 11.3 (Build 15E216) for:
  • iOS 11.3 (Build 15E218) for:

The new iPad supports Apple Pencil, is powered by A10 Fusion, comes in a “new gold” option, and has a starting price of $429 CAD.

We’re not seeing iOS 11.3 out yet for other devices, but stay tuned, as it appears to be rolling out soon.



  • Gord Smith ?

    I expected them to roll it out yesterday since there’s usually a new one when new hardware comes out. Now I’m guessing next week because are they really gonna release it right before a long weekend? Anybody in software knows not to do that in case there are problems.

  • Jeff

    According to Apple’s release information, this article’s statement that iOS 11.3 is available only for the 6th generation iPad is incorrect.

    iOS 11.3 is available for iPad Air and later, and the iPhone 5s and later. It’s the iPod touch that’s only has availability for the 6th generation.

  • This article was published March 28th, when iOS 11.3 was only available for the 6th gen iPad.

    iOS 11.3 wasn’t fully released for all devices until March 29th.