iOS 11 Brings Massive HomeKit Improvements, Including Powerful Automation Tools


With iOS 11, Apple has brought numerous improvements to HomeKit, which is the company’s standard for controlling smart home accessories.

iOS 11 is able to process the status change of a Bluetooth accessory much faster than before, without the need up updating any of your smart home hardware.

HomeKit with iOS 11 also brings the ability for much more powerful automation tools. For example, users can now set the scene by triggering various accessories in their home (lights, temperature, etc.) using geofencing. In this instance, you can have your heat set to 22 degrees and the lights on as soon as you arrive home.

Just as you would set these automated tasks when you arriving home, you can also set them upon your departure or even on a time schedule.

You can also set more complicated automation tasks, like turning on the light when your office computer turns on while someone is home or at a specific time of day.

All of these new improvements are visible on all of Elgato’s smart home products. The company wrote a blog post today detailing the performance improvements when using iOS 11.

If you have any HomeKit compatible accessories and you have updated to iOS 11, let us know in the comments below how your experience has been using these new features.



  • Bill___A

    Well, I certainly had some “update issues” with HomeKit. On my iPhone 7+. I could not do anything remotely. My iPad seemed to be fine. I have now got everything working but it was a bit painful. That said, I am now all upgraded with everything that I can see working fine…

  • Roy DonovN

    iOS 11 sucks , terrible terrible

  • bbousquet

    Even with iOS 11, I haven’t figured out how to combine my old rules (turn on the exterior light at sunset, turn it off at 11PM) with new rules (turn on light if it’s after sunset and someone arrives BUT turn it back off a few minutes later if we’re past 11PM).

    Also having issues with my existing rules not being enforced by the ATV4 after the tvOS 11 update.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Actually it is the BEST update yet. Now have Software TTY and many improvements for people with disabilities. I will test these new automation features. This update continues to make Google’s Crap-droid worthless garbage.

  • Stephane Vallieres

    maybe it’s time to change your iPhone 5s ?

  • Roy DonovN

    I have the iPhone 7 Plus

  • ben

    i just discover the features that allow to turn on a light for a certain time and turn it off in the automation menu. the idea is to turn on the entrance light when the homekit smartlock unlock.
    i have an issue though. this features is called “desactivate” and it’s gray with a note saying that the software of the appletv4 needs to be up to date in order to be able to use it. but i’m allready on tvos11. does semone has the same issue?