What’s New in iOS 11.1 Beta 5: Crazy Calculator Bug Still Exists for Adding 1+2+3 [VIDEO]


iOS 11 has a really weird bug in the Calculator app, when you try to calculate 1+2+3 as it provides the answer 24. Wait, what?

Ios 11 calculator

Yes, give this a try yourself by trying to add 1 + 2 + 3 in the Calculator app. You don’t even need to tap too quickly, and what you’ll get is the answer of 24. How? It appears the slow animation of the “+” sign lags, thus causing the user entry of 1 + 23 = 24.

Check out our screen recording of the bug below, first seen on Reddit:

Also, here’s what’s new in iOS 11.1 beta 5, released earlier today (not a whole lot), as per EverythingApplePro:


  • RIP the old Apple.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    I have given up using the iPhone calculator for a while now. This kind of error also appeared in previous iOS versions, but is even worse now. I would NEVER use it for calculating my students’ marks.

  • Gerry Lee

    Mine seems to work normal, 1+2+3=6

  • 1 + 2 + 3 = 24 = A+

  • Eddie

    this is not a bug… if you slow down the vid, you can see when typing fast, the + doesn’t have time to eliminate, so its essentially calculating 1+23…

  • Which is basically a bug…

  • I use Calcbot. So much nicer than the built-in calculator, especially because you can go back and correct the equation if you see that you messed it up.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    That sounds useful, thanks for the tip. I’ve been using the built in calculator on my old Moto X when marking.

  • Dehop

    I confirm it happens on my 6S running iOS 11. It does NOT happen under an older 4S that I keep around that’s running iOS 9.

    If users couldn’t enter another key before the pointless plus key animation was finished, that would be a annoyance, a major one actually, but not a bug.

    But when users have to slow down their typing lest the wrong sequence of keys gets registered… it is absolutely, 100% a bug.

  • warpdrive


  • Mr. Speedy

    iPhone can do facial recognition in the millionth of a second and animate a poop emoji and yet miscalculate 1 + 2 + 3!! Regardless of whether this is a lagging problem or otherwise, this is completely unacceptable! I can’t trust the calculator app anymore! Shame on you Apple!

  • In the video, I love that he never really did it “really slow” on the calculator, every time was actually pretty fast. 😛 To be fair, he didn’t notice button glow to attribute the bug to that.

  • Dehop

    Following my comment above, I submitted a scathing bug report/feedback via the Apple feedback page. This bug is totally unacceptable, especially since there’s no way to point the Control Center shortcut to a better calculator app.

  • Logic First

    what would it eliminate

  • Yeah, they have a ticker-tape thing that runs along the top that you can scroll through to see all of your past calculations, like a banking calculator. Although it’s better than a banking calculator in that you can copy results from them and use them in your current calculation, and as I said earlier you can delete mistakes (which is really nice if you’re 30 numbers in to a calculation and you make a typo). There’s also built-in unit conversions for almost any type of conversion you can think of. It’s a pretty great app.

  • Amber

    The bug happens in any combination: 1-2-3, 1x2x3, etc doesnt have to be 1,2,3 either, it freezes after the second number. Hope they fix that soon, until then this is one reason I use CalcTape – shows a list of what you’ve typed in.

  • Jawad Ali

    This bug can also be found in iOS 10.3.3 by adding 1+4+7 = 48.

  • Jawad Ali

    Or any combo of “1 + any 2 single digits”

  • Daniel

    This is why I deleted the stock calculator and installed PCalc. Even got into the Beta group for it.