iOS 11 Lockscreen Gets Re-Imagined in New Concept Photos


Matt Birchler of Birchtree recently put together an interesting list of iOS 11 lockscreen ideas that not only seem doable but might actually be extremely useful.

Birchler envisions a scenario where Apple might put weather information onto the top corner of the lockscreen. He said that many people turn on their phones to get a quick weather update, so putting that information there would be extremely efficient.

Another interesting idea that Birchler proposed includes a smart notification system and the ability to add third-party apps to lockscreen itself.

Apple will supposedly unveil iOS 11 in about three months at WWDC. We have not really heard much about what new features Apple’s next-generation mobile operating system will have.

Based on current rumours, we suspect that iOS 11 will bring Dark Mode, enhanced Siri support, group FaceTime chat functionality and a few other minor tweaks.


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  • So Young

    I’m a little tired of all these concepts. Who knows what will be on iOS 11? We just have to wait until june and see the real thing.

  • speedracer99

    I agree, Nobody really cares about concepts that will never happen. No point in posting those stories.

  • jabohn

    I like the idea of the widgets going right to the edge, saving space, however this will never happen soon. The reason is because in testing iOS 10 it was clear that apple had a reason… a lot of people weren’t aware that the widgets and notifications were objects you could interact with. So now they are spaced apart more and given rounded corners so it’s more clear they are objects rather than just a list you scroll through.