iOS 11 Public Beta in Canada Showing Apple’s News App for Some Users


iOS 11 public beta is officially out for the masses, with most getting access to the release early yesterday. For those in Canada who installed this right away, the elusive News app has been showing up for Canadians in this public beta.

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While the appearance of the News app got people excited, it was short-lived, once again. For most, the app disappeared on its own and after reboots.

This simple workaround will allow you to enable the News app for anyone outside the United States, the UK and Australia. Canadians never did get the News app in iOS 10, but got a widget app instead.

Another stock iOS apps Canadians don’t have access to yet is the TV app, but the latter has made appearances in Canada this year sporadically as well.

It’s been over two years since the News app was introduced with iOS 9, to replace Newsstand. At launch, the News app only supported the U.S., but has since expanded to the UK and Australia only.

Are you seeing the News app in iOS 11 public beta?


  • MikeJenkinson

    When I first installed the public beta yesterday, the news app showed up, but when I opened it, it just did the ‘spinning’ thing like it was trying to load. I rebooted my device and when it came back, the News app was gone… and the News widget disappeared as well.

  • Ryan Peterson

    News app was there yesterday and it worked. Its gone today…

  • Steve Wright

    Like everyone else, it was working when I first got iOS 11 PB running on my Air 2. Then it disappeared along with the widget too.

  • bbousquet

    Pretty sure this is nothing new: I recall you could get it to appear by switching your location to the US in settings (I believe with iOS 9, probably with iOS 10 as well). Switching back to Canada and rebooting would make it disappear.

  • The new part is the app appearing for beta users with Region set to Canada. That normally nevers happen (although it has randomly before).

  • bbousquet

    True. It’s probably a bug though, since it disappears after awhile. I still don’t understand why we don’t get the full fledged app – after all, we do get the widget.

  • FragilityG4

    I had it for a while and after reboot, like everyone else, it disappeared.

    Let’s talk about Notification Centre. I can’t sand it. I really don’t like how you have to look at the notification right away or else it gets relegated off your screen and to view it you have to swipe up. Deleting without 3D Touch also sucks because in lock screen you CANT do it! Also when calendar notifications are deleted they still show as new in calendar inbox… very vexing.

    Yes I know it’s a beta, but I have been on the public beta testing program since it’s inception and this one has to be the most perplexing one yet.

  • Special_Ed

    I enjoyed checking it out briefly after installing the beta…until it disappeared!

  • Mark

    Still on my device. Works fine. Not much Canadian or local content

  • McHuman

    Or just use google news until apple get their acts together