iOS 11 Adoption Rockets to 6% of iPhone Users: REPORT


Apple’s recently-released mobile operating system, iOS 11, is quickly being adopted by current iPhone users, as device owners go through the process of updating their smartphones manually.

According to new data received by iPhoneinCanada from StatCounter Global Stats, the research company has added a breakdown of the newest version of the iOS operating system used to access the internet to its Global Stats research tool.

The data states that iOS 11 usage has increased to just over 6% only two days after its launch on Tuesday – iOS has reached 6.2% of all iOS versions worldwide on Wednesday, reports StatCounter.

“Apple is good at migrating users to its latest iOS upgrades but this performance is particularly impressive,” commented Aodhan Cullen, CEO, StatCounter. “To put this in perspective, Android’s latest edition Nougat is at 14.6% of all Android versions over a year after launch.”

As reported last week, over 70% of Apple users were, at that point, using their device with the then-latest operating system, iOS 10.3.

“Such is the rapid rise of iOS 11 that digital advertisers could soon see an impact due to a feature called Intelligent Tracking Prevention that makes it harder for advertisers and publishers to track users online,” Cullen added.

For more information, check out StatCounter‘s website here.


  • KonstantinRD

    What would be interesting to see is the actual number of devices on each version. 14% on Nougat doesn’t sound good but if you look at the total number of Android devices out there – 14% might be actually not bad from App developer point of view.
    Android still has fragmentation issue but I think using just percentages is misleading when you are talking about completely different market share for Android phones and iOS devices.

  • getpappy

    Hmm…it’s almost like this is a pro-apple blog that presents the data in a pro-apple light. Shocking!

  • aRhyno

    There’s really no way to compare it properly. The android market is filled with budget phones that will probably never see the latest updates even if sold 6 months after the latest update was released ( im not saying this is a bad thing just stating a point, there’s a market for people that don’t care about the lastest and greatest) when you control the OS and hardware. Your % is obviously going to be better. Specially when it’s apple. The only way to truely compare google to apple would Be to compare % numbers of google phones like nexus and pixel to iPhones.

  • Jurassic

    “To put this in perspective, Android’s latest edition Nougat is at 14.6% of all Android versions over a year after launch.”

    Actually, Nougat came out more than a year ago (August 2016) so that 14.6% is after 13 months of availability. The current version of Android is OREO, which came out a month ago, and has WELL UNDER 1% of Android users (after a whole month).