iOS 4.1 Firmware Download Available September 8 for iPhone


Apple mentioned during its iPod event that iOS 4.1 would be available next week. We know that iOS 4.1 has already been released to developers. This new firmware will include new features such as HDR photography, HD uploading via WiFi, and Game Center. It will also address issues regarding Bluetooth , proximity sensor, and iPhone 3G slowdowns.

Apple UK Website Leaks iOS 4.1 Availability Date

Looks like the Apple UK website let the cat out of the bag! iOS 4.1 will be available next week on Wednesday, September 8th. Take a look at the screenshot below:

…and just a reminder, if you want to keep your current iPhone jailbreak–stay away from the update via iTunes. BTW, if you have a new iPod Touch, 4.1 firmware has already been released by Apple. Click here to download!

What do you think? Is this date legit or an error?

[9to5Mac via Apple UK]


  • SF

    The jailbreak for 4.1 should not be far away after apple releases it right? Because I remember hearing the dev team already jailbroke the developers’ version of 4.1?

  • SF

    I meant 4.1 beta! Didn’t dev team already jailbreak this?

  • Wednesday seems like a pretty reasonable date for the update to release and makes perfect sense.
    On Sept 1st, the iPods on Apple’s site said they ship in exactly one week… that would be Wednesday. So, new iPod touches with iOS 4.1 and the update on the same day.

  • Dan C

    I already updated to 4.1 (download it from torrents) and bluetooth now works perfectly. I lost my jailbreak though which sucks. I’m sure there will be a jailbreak for 4.1 soon though.

    However I’m more concerned with that piece of code that apple put in to void the warranty status. It’s been mentioned that if you jailbreak a 4.1 phone, it creates a permanent flag on the phone regardless of restore. In affect cancelling out your one year warranty from apple.

    Gary you should write an article about this.

  • Nick

    From what I’ve seen online it seems like that’s just a myth. Anyone got any more concrete info on that? And if it’s not a myth, once a phone is jailbroken what’s to stop the jailbreakers from making an app that rewrites that file so it always appears that your phone has never been jailbroken as part of the jailbreaking process?

  • Cshupe2

    correction the new ipod touches which will have 4.1 on them are released on sept therefore 4.1 will be released on the 7th

  • Cshupe2

    sept 7th****

  • Nats

    Well that’s just dandy. Here’s an idea though… HOW BOUT’ GETTING SOME PRODUCT TO THE CONSUMER!!! Rant off.

    I can’t even remember how long I have been on the waiting list.

    Is the iPhone 5 out yet?

  • Anonymous

    Looks like they removed the date from the UK site… Silly Apple

  • Steve-MustBeFired

    Yeah right… how about giving a f)(%!$ chance to PEOPLE THAT ACTUALLY buy this phone to be able to… CUSTOMISE their phone without jailbreaking it? I want to change my ringtone! Not only having the choice of 5-7 stupid ringtone… Fix the issue! Also, the issue with the “add picture to contact”, click to take the picture, then guess what, not visible in the contact, you can only take a picture with the camera app, THEN, go back in contact, modify, select picture..

    And The OnLy Answer we’re getting when calling Apple.. oh we never heard of this…

    This is my First and Last Iphone I will ever buy! Sorry Apple’s fan, if you like being in a Jobs’s Prison, be my guest!

    Seriously apple, you s…

  • Sparky

    In the mail app, the icon for archiving has changed from a trashcan to a file box. I have the GM release running on a 3GS and I haven’t noticed much difference but, I think it’s slightly faster and smoother. I haven’t had enough time to assess the “improved battery life across the board” (wikipedia).

    I think I may give up on waiting for the white iPhone 4 and get the black… I really wish there had been an update concerning the white iPhone 4 at this latest event.

  • Dfgdfgdf

    guess u dont have one quit ur whining

  • carlos

    I really dont know what you’re talking about. you can add as many ring tones as you like via iTunes (google Audiko) and I can add any picture from any source to any of my contacts..

    I’m happy to listen to people who have issued and I believe not everyone likes the iPhone, but I also believe if you’re going to complain about something you should do some research first..

    I’m sorry to hear you don’t like the iphone, but hey; if you don’t like it…. well you know the song.

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  • Jaye

    apple website and itunes still say 4.0.2

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  • Steve-MustBeFired

    yeah…. ringtone you can add as many as you want… Did you try getting something else than tri-tone and all those crappy sound? If you don’t jailbreak it, you simply cannot! This is ridiculous, they want to sell an iphone to everyone but EVERYone should have the same exact tone when they receive a txt msg, an email and so on… yeah… FAN-tastic!

  • Steve-MustBeFired

    yeah I got one… to be exact, this is my 3rd iphone 4! First one, not even 24 hours and died… then they sent me a 16gb instead of a 32gb, which is funny since.. this one was ALSO defect! when I was running the photo apps, phone was rebooting… lol So yeah, this is my 3rd one, Wow apple! 🙂

  • Jjelm

    is it possible for me to update to 4.1 and keep my jailbreak? plz help

  • Jjelm

    if i update my ipod to and then lose my jailbreak will all my jailbroken stuff be gone?