iOS 4.3 Golden Master Seeded to Developers


Yesterday, Apple announced that iOS 4.3 would be released next week on March 11th along with iPad 2. Today, 4.3 GM has been seeded to developers. This release is build number is 8F190. iTunes Home Sharing and Personal Hotspot are some of the most anticipated features.

From a developer email:

Get your apps ready today with iOS 4.3 GM seed and SDK GM seed now available from the iOS Dev Center. Be sure to update your iPad apps so they take advantage of iPad 2 features including the powerful Apple A5 chip, built-in front and rear cameras, and gyroscope. Update, test, and submit your apps now so they can be ready when iOS 4.3 arrives to millions of users.

More to come…


  • Sparky

    I wonder why this gm release is for developers only, but past gm’s could be downloaded by anyone using a direct download link and over-riding the iTunes update check. :/

  • Anonymous

    Because developers are there for a reason. We test and report bugs and that still needs to be done up until the public release. If it was meant for the public then Apple would be releasing it to the public instead of just us developers. Want it early? Pay your $99 and become a developer.

  • This gm is supposed to be for developers only… But if you find it somewhere, you should be able to install it without any problem…

    I have a developer account… I installed it on both my iPhone 4 and 3Gs that are configured on my developer account…
    I also installed it on my wife’s 3Gs (not in my account) without any problem…

  • I just tried the home sharing feature with this new GM…
    it works really well to stream all content that is on my computer directly to my iPhone…

  • You can install it without any problem if you find it somewhere…

    I have a developer account… Installed fine on my iPhone 4 and 3Gs that are in my account…
    I also installed without any problem on my wife’s 3Gs… This device is not on my developer account…

  • JG

    Can you confirm that the hotspot feature is NOT available on the 3GS?

  • I can confirm it’s not available on my 3Gs while it’s available on my
    iPhone 4 with the same SIM card…

  • JG

    Well, not nice Apple, a good reason for me to stay jailbroken.

    Thank you Mario.

  • Anonymous

    Just finished updating my iPhone 4 and my iPad with the iOS 4.3 Golden Master. Everything went smooth as silk with both devices and all the new features work as advertised. Personal HotSpot is my favourite. Now, where’s the Jailbreak and Unlock for 4.3? I’m ready!

  • Gio

    hey guys! where to download the iOS 4.3 GM for iphone 4?? Just wondering… Thanks!

  • iOS 4.3 GM is available from Apple’s Developer downloads section. As for
    other means, that won’t be discussed here but Google is your friend.

  • Gio

    Thanks Gary! Just found it!

  • Sparky

    I found it. I don’t have a Mac to use the developer software so that’d be pointless.

  • andyr


    I’m new to the developer program. Do you need a Mac in order to install the 4.3 gm seed on iPhone 4??

  • Anonymous

    Yes, you need a Mac as you have to register the devices in the Developer program with a utility on the Mac before you can install the official GM. That being said, there are copies of the GM on the web that have been unpacked and you can update to one of those files using iTunes on a PC just as easily as you can on a Mac.

  • You need a mac to do everything on the developer program… So the answer
    to your question is yes.

    iOS beta and GM versions are distributed in a DMG file… This file type
    is a native disk image file that can be opened in MacOS…
    You may be able to extract some data from those DMG files in Windows if
    you find a program to do this.