iOS 5 Concept with Lion-Style Dashboard a Possibility at WWDC?


With the start of Apple’s 2011 WWDC just two weeks away, many are trying to predict the future of what iOS 5 will bring. Formerly known as iPhone OS, iOS 5 will most likely bring the most significant changes we’ve seen to date.

Rumours have been rampant about the large role of voice recognition in iOS 5 thanks to Apple’s acquisition of Siri (based on Nuance’s technology). Jan-Michael Cart has come up with an interesting iOS 5 concept based on a Lion-style dashboard. This concept features widgets to simulate the dashboard of OS X. As he explains it:

Another concept of widgets — this time to mirror the dashboard setup in Mac OS X. The implementation is similar to my other widget video. However, in this concept, widgets and apps are separated.

Basically, you can consider this layout as having two sides. You have your apps and folders where they have been. But when you slide over to the old Spotlight Search screen, the wallpaper shifts and you’re taken into a Dashboard screen similar to the kind found in Mac OS X. You can have many pages of widgets (exactly the same way as the app home screens, but in the opposite direction). Widgets can come with downloaded applications and can be different sizes. Shown are my designed widgets for Facebook and Twitter.

Check out the video below, and let me know what you think–could we see something like this soon at WWDC?:

Here’s another video showing a multitasking concept:

What are some features you want to see in iOS 5?

[Jan-Michael Cart via iDB, MacStories]


  • Oh for sure there will be something like this, along with a revamped lock screen, and notification system. No doubt about those.

  • Adamo Palumbo

    Definitely! Although I heard the multitsasking was supposed to look like exposé in osx?

  • Sparky

    I like the first video. Not so keen on the multitasking though. I liked the iOS 4.something multitasking beta video that was found a while back.

  • Anonymous

    In the 2nd video, when it said hold the home button and swipe, that’s either going to require two hands or some REALLY awkward finger ninjaing

  • Drocass

    Steve jobs on video one: Great job, I think this could work.

    I think thats to many words for a reply from Steve jobs 😛
    Interesting concept, im not so sure if this will come true though.

  • Anonymous

    I Just really hope they do something about the god awful notification system. It was cool back in the day, but after owning an iPhone for the last 3 years now, I’ve realized just how obtrusive and annoying it can be.