iOS 6 Beta 2 Update Releasing OTA for Developers [Update]


It appears iOS 6 beta 2 has been released for developers as an over the air (OTA) update. Users around the world have noted the update on their devices. Nothing has hit the developer center or reached Canada yet. Stay tuned…

@_laurentB from France:


Update 1: We’ve heard from you that the update has hit Canada. You’ve mentioned a fresh reboot has worked to show the update in Settings, and also there is a cool new animation of gears during the update (thx all!):

Update 2: iOS 6 beta 2 has hit the developer center, along with updated betas for Xcode and Apple TV (thanks guys!):


  • Med

    We’ve got it on in Canada as well .

  • Ya it’s in Canada now. Looks like you might have to be on WiFi for it to show up in Software Update.

  • Turn by turn still have no voice in beta 2 iPhone 4S , maybe next beta.

  • See in Canada the update was 299 MB and in the U.S was 322 MB, that means wee still missing something here

  • Rio

    I don’t like the fact that once you click download there is no where to stop it. I wanted to backup to iCloud prior but it was to late, there was no way to stop the installation.

  • Even a forced reset didn’t work? Still though, the responsibility is on the user to backup before updating for OTA.

  • Guys I’m sorry but you can backup before. Even if you download after it finishes downloading it will ask you to install so before install you can backup
    And if you didn’t do it , do reset all settings and it will ask you for wich backup so you choose the one from last night (iCloud )

  • Rio

    I would assume it would work? I simply unlugged and let my battery drop below 50% so it wouldnt continue after downloading.

    Still though you should be given the option of when you want to download and update?