iOS 6 Maps With Turn-By-Turn Navigation Ported To iPhone 4 [VIDEO]


Apple has bid farewell to Google Maps in iOS 6, replacing the globally loved maps application with its own 3D Maps app. However, not all iOS devices will be getting the Flyover and turn-by-turn navigation features of the new Maps app when they upgrade to iOS 6 later this year, including the iPhone 4. Luckily, according to a Russian website named iGuides (via BGR), iOS developer Anton Titkov has found a way to get Apple’s new 3D maps up and running on the iPhone 4 who has also published a guide on how to make this happen.

For those who want to try this out right now, iGuides has instructions posted here. For others, here are a couple of videos showing 3D maps running on an iPhone 4:


  • Rob Raymond

    I’ve had very little luck with the new Maps in Windsor, ON. I tried on 3 separate occasions across the city and the directions don’t even relate to what’s being shown on the map.

  • Zachary

    Has anyone had any luck running turn by turn on iOS6 in Canada?

  • yearoftherat

    If only I can read Russian… :p

  • Hoyeelow

    Does this use data or GPS only?

  • yearoftherat

    From what I’ve read elsewhere, it will use cellular data.

  • From everything I’ve heard as well, the new maps app uses cellular data for all its information.

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  • I don’t have any voice prompts from Siri but the visual turn by turn prompts are working fine, although the directions are sometimes stupid…’keep left’ when there isn’t even any opportunity to turn right.