New iOS 7.0.2 Bug Uses Camera Shortcut to Make Any Emergency Call [VIDEO]


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It’s a new day and this time around it’s time for another iOS 7.0.2 lock screen bug which will allow any call from the emergency screen. This bug is different from the one we showed you a couple days earlier, which involved swiping notifications, and is also trickier to achieve.

This bug involves the Camera shortcut to help you make any call from the Emergency screen, as first noted by MacDailyNews. We were able to independently confirm this bug a couple times on an iPhone 5s running iOS 7.0.2.

  1. Swipe to the passcode screen.
  2. Press Emergency and Cancel at the same time–as it quickly jumps to the Emergency call menu, you’ll see a glimpse of the Camera shortcut in the bottom right corner. Your job is to tap and drag up on this Camera shortcut before it disappears (while keeping your finger down).
  3. While you are holding your finger down on the Camera shortcut, dial any number on the Emergency screen. Press call repeatedly until the phone reboots–but your call will go through.
Check out the video below and wait for the Step 2 sequence around the one minute mark:

From our counts, this is the third iOS 7.0.2 lock screen bug which will allow any call from the Emergency screen. Apple is rumoured to release iOS 7.0.3 soon to address bug fixes (which most likely will involve these call exploits) and ongoing iMessage sending delays.

Let us know if you are able to reproduce this bug!


  • Andre

    Or, with the default iPhone settings, I can hold down the home button, and tell Siri what number to call, and she does it. Voila.

  • Chrome262

    Well she is rather helpful, she just likes you, doing you a favor. LOL. I just want them to fix the missed on the notification center. Missed calls have to be removed by going into settings and reset the toggle. There should be an x like the other parts of notification center, that right there, was a big reason I abandoned Jailbreak, because notifications and controls ended up on the lock screen. I mean they hired the guy from intelliborn, use him.

  • Ari

    This guy has too much time on his hands.

  • True, but for those with Siri turned off on the lock screen? I just made a 5 hour call to Nigeria on your Rogers plan, son!