iOS 7.1 Public Release Reportedly Coming Soon


With the release of iOS 7, Apple dramatically overhauled its entire mobile operating system. iOS 7.1, which has had five beta versions so far, aims to fix a lot of the bugs from iOS 7. Users have been experiencing many problems with iOS 7 including slowness, app crashes, the black/white screen of death, and constant random reboots.


BGR reports Apple will most likely not release another beta of iOS 7.1 for developers, meaning that the final release will be available in the coming weeks. Several sources have said the public release of iOS 7.1 will come in early March.

Currently, there is no set date for the release of iOS 7.1 although we do expect a gold master build to be available before it goes public.

iOS in the car 4.jpg

Apple released iOS 7.1 beta 5 to developers earlier today. Along with all the bug fixes coming in iOS 7.1 Apple is also expected to release iOS in the Car in the same update.


  • Kirk

    It would also be nice if iOS 7.1 gave us Canadians access to iTunes Radio…but I won’t hold my breath..

  • crosseyed_mofo

    with every beta ive been checking man


  • Tom Kavanagh

    Does it fix the greyed-out Wi-Fi problem?

  • angry_bunny

    Works for about a day. Useless fix.

  • Tom Kavanagh

    No, I haven’t tried that, Gary. I regard the problem as one caused by the Apple software update and had expected them to fix it.

    But when I went to the Apple store today I got the same (very courteous) response that many others have received: as far as Apple is concerned this an out-of-warranty hardware failure and they will replace the phone… for 199 dollars.

    Add me to the long list of unhappy and formerly-loyal Apple customers.