iOS 7 Beta 2 Download Now Available for iPad, iPad mini


iOS 7 beta 1 was only available for the iPhone, as Apple announced at WWDC 2013. With this morning’s release of iOS 7 beta 2, new downloads in the member’s center indicates the iPad 2, third and fourth generation iPad and iPad mini are now supported for the second beta:

Screen Shot 2013 06 24 at 10 25 31 AM

Today also marks the release of Apple TV software beta 2 and Xcode 5. The final build of iOS 7 is expected to be released this fall.


  • timothybrabant

    hopefully it will be torrentable (if thats a word haha) in the near future. do you know??

  • This is not a discussion here, but Google is your friend 🙂

    (torrentable sounds pretty awesome for a new word)

  • Helvetica

    Can any Canadian’s verify if the Canadian Siri gets the new english voices?

  • Stefan Vasiljevic

    I can confirm that! New voice

  • Sidney R.

    This update made my Vine app stop working.

  • fghjk,

    Any battery life improvements?

  • Try a reinstall?

  • Sidney R.

    Yep I tried it. Does it work on yours? Also the ebay app hasnt worked since the first version of ios7