iOS 7 Adoption Rate Hits 90%, Android Kit Kat Stuck Below 10%


Real-time adoption stat tracker from mobile analytics firm Mixpanel covering a vast majority of iOS and Android devices, shows that almost 90% of iPhones, iPads and iPod touch devices have already upgraded to iOS 7 while on the other hand, only 8% of devices running Google’s mobile OS are using Kit Kat (4.4) or higher, TechCrunch is reporting.


The much higher adoption rate for Apple users is great news, especially for developers, since apps designed for iOS 7 are likely to be incompatible or different from those created for older versions of iOS. Furthermore, iOS 7.1 is already accounting for the majority of visits to Mixpanel’s partner apps and sites since it debuted March 10. Since that date, the mobile analytics firm has observed 31% of visits coming from iOS 7.1, with 29% coming via 7.0.6, which is the next closest.

“Apple’s advantage when it comes to fragmentation issues mean less money spent on making sure software works across a range of different OS versions, and it’s something Android still lags considerably with, which is apparent from the current Kit Kat uptake.

The bottom line: Apple users are quick to update and don’t show any signs of becoming more reluctant to do so, which in turn means the efficiency benefits of developing software for iOS over Android aren’t likely going to disappear anytime soon.”


A recent report based on data from numerous North American ISPs also showed how an iOS update such as iOS 7.1 can suddenly cause network traffic to spike.


  • Patrick Beliveau

    You know these mean very little.

    Apple controls the updates on their phones… Android updates are rolled out by the OEMs who slap their own bloatware (samsung – touchqiz, motorola – blur, etc..) and then go through carriers to slap on their own crap and then out to the consumer.

    iOS is manufactured by 1 company, Apple… if Android was only on one company’s phones this adoption rate would be much higher. Like the newer Nexus devices that Google updates, as soon as the update is ready, its pushed out….

    These graphics are always so skewed… Android runs on a ton of phones from a ton of different OEMs and a ton of different styles of phone. You can only get the latest iOS up to 3 phones back, and even those versions are slimmed down, missing some of the more impressive features of the OS on the latest iPhone models. Apple forces people to update their phones to stay relevant to the iOS… Android doesnt lock people in like that.

  • Acer12345

    Well put; it’s like comparing apple and oranges. But you always come to expect these kinds of super biased articles from this author…

  • xxxJDxxx

    Well you did a great job of summarizing WHY, but that doesn’t change the reality that the majority of android users are running outdated software. Apple doesn’t ‘force’ anyone to update and I believe the 4 generation old iPhone 4 was still supported by the latest OS. You are lucky to see 18 months of support from google.

  • Patrick Beliveau

    iOS 7 is vastly different on the iPhone 4… Than the 5s.

    And I said 3 phones back… Current phone is the 5s… So 3 phones back 5, 4s, and guess what… The 4!…. Thanks for playing.

    It’s also not always Google holding phones back from being updated, it’s oems and carriers dragging their feet most of the time trying to keep you with their service and upgrading your phone. But the fun thing with Android is you can root your phone for a whole new experience. Up until last month, I was still using an original nexus and was on the latest jelly bean version, you’re not getting that with any iPhone before the 4.

    Apple makes a good first/basic phone. But if you actually want to have some creative control over the OS and the look of your phone, Android is the way to go 100% of the time which is why there is so much fragmentation, you’re not forced to update your phone every 2 years or so to stay relevant.

  • xxxJDxxx

    Hahaha. Funny to watch that little mental gymnastics routine conclude with Android not forcing you to upgrade your hardware to stay relevant.

    Make all the excuses for the manufacturers you want. Without hacking and rooting your phone the reality is you are not getting the latest updates. Certainly not as easily as anyone using an iPhone 4 would.

  • Peter Pottinger

    its saying something when your 3 yr old Os is beating the pants off of the most “modern” iOS …

    Android is light years ahead of apple in terms of technical wizardry, I’m not speaking of market share or any numbers. Apple has been scrambling to keep up by adding a TON of features mimicking android.

    Now for those who objectivity is called into question every time a choice is presented to them, let me point out android only surpassed apple by innovating on the original iPhone concept.

    I speak from experience owning several of each device, and all the latest iOS updates have been anything but new and magical, but rather updates adding features that otherwise would not exist if it were not for google and droid.

    in short, innovation & competition is a good thing.