iOS 8.1.2 Download Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch [u]


Apple has just released iOS 8.1.2 for download, available over-the-air or by plugging in via iTunes for eligible devices capable of running iOS 8 (iPhone 4s or newer, iPad 2 or newer, 5th gen iPod touch). The update is 28.2MB for the iPhone 6 and 28.3MB for the iPhone 6 Plus:

IMG 0655

The minor update says it fixes bugs and addresses an issue with ringtone purchases not being restored on your device. Users are told to visit to get their jingles back.

Update: we just installed iOS 8.1.2 on our iPhone 6 Plus, and so far no issues (i.e. we have a cell signal!).

…more to follow


  • MikeJenkinson

    Still waiting for them to fix the missing weather information in the notification centre that vanished with either 8.1 or 8.1.1 – I can’t remember which.

  • Chrome262

    for whatever reason, windchill never is reported for Toronto, anywhere else, no problem but not TO, kind of silly, but I have accu weather as a widget so no worries

  • TheBroker

    How about Apple fixing the constant Safari crashes when you turn your phone to landscape mode while watching a video !

    Am I the only experiencing this almost 90 percent of the times ?

  • websnap

    Crashes how? Like you get kicked out to the home page?

    That’s weird. I had screen flickering when switching from portrait to landscape but then I realized I was covering the ambient light sensor with my thumb.

  • John

    I was experiencing this as well and found a temporary fix on apples discussion forums that seemed to help. Open up safari and tap on the bookmarks icon. Then the shared links tab and delete anything there. That was it. Don’t know why it helped but it did.

  • K3

    Had been just talking with someone else regarding phone heating up and the battery drain and not the only one with the issue. Apple support wasn’t aware of the problem so giving this a try with all fingers crossed.

  • jon

    Does anybody know if Apple’s Wifi Calling feature is available in Canada? I’m on Fido if that matters. iPhoneincanada reported that Wifi calling would be available on Rogers right away, but then when iOS 8 launched there was no update.

  • Tins

    my safari is sketchy at best on the 6 plus. ive had missing buttons on the bottom of the screen, disqus comments don’t work, videos skip or crash when turning from portrait to landscape, there are other issues i just can’t remember them all.

  • Flash

    Well it works through my iPad if my phone is on the same network. Not sure how to test wifi calling…turn into wifi?

  • Biggy604

    My battery lasts a tad bit longer now then it did when iOS 8 first came out (BTW using an iPhone 5 not upgrading til Summer). But yeah this update helped the battery life, phone still heats up while charging though and when data is bing used.

  • eason

    fixed always only 1 or 2 dots signal yet?

  • Anon

    Taig Jailbreak works with 8.1.2 woohoo!

  • JfromC

    “ringtone purchases” people still pay for ring tones? In 2014? *facepalm*

  • TheBroker

    WOW ! Yours is even worse.
    My most annoying issue is the constant crashing!
    Sometimes Im not even watching anything and just filling out a form and it crashes midway !!! ????????

  • TheBroker

    That’s exactly what happens !
    I get kicked out and back to the homepage !

  • TheBroker

    Tried what you suggested John.
    Still having the same issue ! ????

  • xxxJDxxx

    Anyone else have issues with handoff calls on your Mac? My Mac rings forever. Long after the call has been answered or ignored on my phone. This is extremely annoying when my Mac is in the other room.

  • websnap

    That’s bizzarre… may want to take it in. Especially if it is easily recreated as you say. Mine does not behave that way.

  • DY

    So, just got my iphone 6 plus – came with 8.1.2 and has excessive heating and battery drain. This is the 2nd device I got from my cellular provider. I did a clean install. Seems like I am the only one with this problem. Anyone else?