iOS 8 Adoption Reaches 48%, After 26 Days of Availability [PICS]


At today’s special event, Apple announced iOS 8 adoption had reached 48% of users after just 26 days of availability.

Apple’s App Store Distribution page has been updated to reflect the numbers we saw announced on stage by Craig Federighi:

Screenshot 2014 10 16 17 25 07

Apple also made it clear for everyone out there iOS 8 was able to reach a 48% installed base after 26 days, compared to Android’s KitKat, which only has reached 25% of users after 313 days–well played, Apple.

Screenshot 2014 10 16 17 31 16

Ten days ago, iOS 8 adoption was only at 47% of devices, a 1% increase after two weeks, seen as a modest jump given bugs with the previous iOS 8.0.1 SNAFU.

With today’s release of OS X Yosemite and iOS 8.1 coming out on Monday, you can bet the numbers will increase as users will require the latest mobile operating system to take advantage of Continuity features such as Handoff.


  • aaloo

    The biggest reason it’s taking long is because of space requirements. Not everyone who has an iPhone owns a computer to connect to and update it that way.

  • Riddlemethis

    Hmm. Is that how you rationalize why it’s taking so long? lol

  • Jay

    I thought it was because people who updated couldnt use wifi and had tons of problems 😛
    That kind of bad press is hard to deal with, a lot of people are waiting to make sure its safe to switch over

  • OliChabot

    Let’s face it : iOS 8 is NOT that great and people the see the need to update as much as they wanted to with iOS 7. And with all the bad press they had with wifi and connectivity issues, people got scared and don’t update as fast.

  • Flaxx

    iOS 8 is more buggy than iOS 7.0, which itself was quite awful. The gong show of 8.01 was just an example of their now horrible QA. At least the performance is better on 8 than 7.0 and the same as 7.1. It’s particularly annoying when screen rotation just stops working until I restart the phone or the music app stops displaying the current song (at least that can be remedied by killing the app). I’ve also had the background get totally corrupted when doing spotlight search, after having the phone running for a couple days without a reboot — and I’m using an iPhone 6 — not even an old device where their QA is likely worse. Apple needs to reprioritize with a focus on stability! All of my family (couple dozen devices) are staying on iOS 7 because of bugs. But as said, they will prob jump on 8.1, hopefully without too much regret. I really miss iOS 6!