Here’s a Brilliant Mission Control Concept for iOS 8 [VIDEO]


control concept

Designer Bill Labus has posted a brilliant Mission Control concept for iOS 8 on Dribble, that merges the iOS 7’s Control Center and the multitasking/app switcher. The designer imagines how a simple swipe up from bottom gesture can bring up Mission Control, replacing the current double click Home button approach and eliminating the noticeable delay between the second click and the multitasking view appearing.

“I find double-clicking the home button to be irritating”, says Bill. “In my haste I often accidentally triple-click the home button, forcing me to wait while the OS bounces into, and back out of, multitasking”. He notes that since Control Center’s bottom edge gesture is far faster and easier to perform, he decided to combine the two in his new concept.

mission control

Here’s how the designer describes his concept:

  • Flicking up from the bottom of the edge allows the multitasking app views to be tied directly to the gesture, which allows for direct manipulation and avoids having to wait for a passive animation to complete before interacting with them.
  • The obvious potential drawback to this combined approach is that there is less room available for Control Center- I personally find that I use a couple features of Control Center, but almost never touch at least half of them (calculator, clock, airplane mode, bluetooth). I can’t be sure, but I suspect this is true for a large amount of other users as well, so my solution is to have 5 button ‘slots’ that can be customized with the 5 most used shortcut functions for that particular user.
  • The brightness slider is also omitted for lack of space, however I think it could perhaps replace the volume slider, as I personally control my phone’s volume with the hard keys 100% of the time.

Check out the video demonstration of Bill’s Mission Control concept:


  • LEE

    That is AWESOME!

  • Peter Pottinger

    Please no, the ui is already horribly laggy dont need to make it worse

  • Mikhail_T

    Nope, this would be much less laggy and quicker. There isn’t a lot of GPU math required to do this as opposed to the intensive blur/transparency effects in iOS 7.

  • Jake

    great concept! looks beautiful

  • Steve

    This is already available to those who are Jailbroken.

  • ronald

    This concept already exists with blackberry 10 phones

  • Chris

    Whats the name of it in Cydia?

  • Alex

    In what world is it laggy? Obviously you haven’t used an Android phone before to know what laggy really is.