iOS 8 Split Screen Multitasking Concept [Video]



Designer Sam Beckett has released a new concept video demonstrating how split screen multitasking could work in iOS 8. In the video he shows a user running Safari and Calendar beside each other on an iPad.

Currently, iOS 7 does not support any form of a split screen view. Here is Beckett’s concept video:

Sam Beckett has done many Apple concepts before including the iOS 8 interactive notifications concept we saw a few days ago.

Update #1: The video has been removed by the user, no reason given, We will keep the post updates as we find out more.

Update #2: YouTube video is back up.


  • Shameer Mulji

    Very slick!

  • Chris Zhu

    Why is the video taken down? (´????)???

  • Nick

    That’s a good question. The post will be updated if the video comes back up from him or another source.

  • Olley

    why there’s need for split screen that’s my question.

  • Richard Xing

    So you can drag items between apps without having to leave your current app.

  • kyrin

    a concept lololll. oh u isheeps… u just dont get it. and yet pretend like apple is so ahead of the game.

  • Alex

    Just copying Samsung again..

  • Richard Xing

    Why are you on this site, may I ask?

  • JohhnyD

    You’re just jealous, fandroid. It’s okay to be number 2 all the time you know (Android).

  • johnnygoodface

    This concept might be copying Samsung, but Apple will be better than this

  • Jordan

    Really who is #1 in sales