iOS 9.2 Beta 3 Download Released for Developers [u]


Apple has released iOS 9.2 beta 3 for developers (build 13C5071), available as an over-the-air update. The release comes exactly one week after the release of iOS 9.2 beta 2, and should be available in the iOS Developer Center soon for standalone downloads.

Screenshot 2015-11-10 10.48.57

As we await the impending launch of Apple Pay in Canada, many suspect it could arrive in the final build of iOS 9.2, or add support in one of these developer betas. Stay tuned.

Update: Also new is tvOS beta 9.1 beta 2, OS X 10.11.2 beta 3, Xcode 7.2 beta 3.

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  • Crosseyedmofo

    no apple pay yet

  • Jeff Artiss

    I recall reading somewhere American Express will be live in Canada on November 30th.

  • Ed Cicci

    If needed, is this something they could add at the last minute prior to the final release?

  • Crosseyedmofo

    just adressing the “many suspect it could arrive in the final build of iOS 9.2, —>or add support in one of these developer betas.”<— part

  • Jeff Artiss

    /facepalm Thats right! 🙂

  • Rio

    9.1 took about a month before release so end of month for 9.2 and Apple Pay seems reasonable.

    There is something flash related on this site lately that is really bogging down my browser, I have to end the flash process in task manager a lot of times because it hangs.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    use ad blocker *stares at gary… come at me bruh*

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  • Kirk


  • einsteinbqat

    For Public Beta, too!