iOS 9.2 Download Released with Improvements for Apple Music and More [u]


Apple has released iOS 9.2 for download, which includes improvements to Apple Music, Mail Drop support for Mail, and also a note about a “new Top Stories section in News”. Note that Canada has seen the News app pop up for some users during the last iOS 9.2 beta, so it could appear after this update.

IMG 1426

Update: We do not see the News app on our iPhone 6s Plus after updating.

…more to follow


  • Harold Mitchell

    No news app appearance

  • Daz

    The news app can only be used if your region is set to USA. It has always been like this.

  • Yeah, we know that, except the iOS 9.2 release notes mentioned News.

  • JC

    It mentions the improvements to the News app but it’s followed by “(available in the United States, United Kingdom, and Australia)”!

  • A reader on Twitter noted he is seeing the News app on iOS 9.2, with region set to Canada.

    Yes, missed that part about US/UK/AUS.

  • Chris Kim

    I didn’t know News App only worked in Canada. It’s been working for me ever since I got my iPhone 6S with iOS 9? (Confirmed region is set to Canada).

    It’s in my “Newsstand” folder (although I don’t remember if it started out there, or if I created it and moved it there)…

  • dave

    I was one of the beta testers that had news pop up for a few hours. I fully set it up and read several articles. Worked flawlessly then spontaneously disappeared. I was bummed because it seemed to work totally fine and I don’t know what they’re waiting on to release it here.