iOS 9 Adoption Rate Hits 57% of Devices in Three Weeks


iOS 9 was released just over three weeks ago and in that time period the adoption rate of the latest mobile operating system has hit 57% of iOS devices, according to App Store usage as of October 5, says Apple.

Screenshot 2015 10 08 10 13 36Shortly after the release of iOS 9, Apple said the update was already installed on 50% of devices, which took only three days to accomplish, making it the fastest software release in the company’s history.

iOS 9 contains features to allow future updates to be installed automatically while you’re asleep, plus the ability to temporarily delete and reinstall apps to make space for updates.


  • Léonard Bonfils

    That’s pretty cool, but the adoption rate almost seems to have come to a halt. Any idea as to why this has happened ? 57% (60% now) is nice but considering this is Apple we are talking about, I really thought they would be at 75%-80% by now, especially considering the iOS 9.0 update is only 1.3 GB…

  • Jay

    im waiting for jailbreak

  • Michael

    If you have a 5s or 5c don’t update! Ever since iOS 9 my phones have been glitchy and not working right. Wifi doesn’t connect as well, Siri comes on w/e I hit the home button and runs like crap overall. They always do this each year. If you don’t update to new phone they screw you w their new iOS #. Next time I’ll just stay on the old one…48% of ppl got it right still at least.