Apple Says iOS 9 Adoption Has Reached 66% of Devices


Apple has updated its App Store distribution page to note 66% of devices are now running iOS 9, based on App Store usage as of November 2, 2015. When iOS 9 was released back in mid-September, it took just over three weeks for 57% of devices to update.

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After the initial upgrade to iOS 9, new features allow future updates to be installed easier, such as the ability for delayed automatic installs in the middle of the night, plus temporary deletion and reinstallation of apps to make space for updates.

Last year, it took until the first week of January for 68% of devices to adopt iOS 8, so for now, it looks like iOS 9 is off to a blistering start.


  • Prailor

    I find the word adoption funny, makes it sound like us users willingly update, but instead apple makes you update, popping hop on your phone or when you plug it in. The thing that make sit even worse is that if you have to restore, you MUST update, so now it is not your choice. if you want your phone to work again you are risking it being slower and not working as well. We all know that apps and iOS are made for the newest iPhone and not any of the older ones.