iOS 9 Can Automatically Install Software Updates While You Sleep [PIC]


iOS 9 is set to launch publicly this fall and when it does, one new feature can help save you a lot of time when it comes to software updates.

Typically when a software update is available, users must wait for the over-the-air update to download, then install, which makes devices inoperable during the process. However, a new feature is set to eliminate daytime installs for good.

When a software update is available and a user is connected to Wi-Fi, a new prompt informs users “iOS 9 can update automatically between 11:00 PM and 6:00 AM while connected to power.”

Ios 9 software updates

If users agree to ‘Install Later’, iOS 9 prompts you to enter your passcode, agree to terms and conditions and then will seamlessly install the update between the morning hours while you’re asleep, while your device is connected to power.

iOS already performs iCloud backups when connected to power and Wi-Fi, so this additional feature can save users time and have them wake up to the latest version of iOS.

Also, for users without sufficient space to download software updates, iOS 9 can temporarily delete apps and automatically reinstall them after the update.

Apple is expected to announce a specific release date for iOS 9 at its next special event, rumoured for September 9 (BuzzFeed’s John Paczkowski has very accurate Apple sources), where many anticipate the unveiling of the ‘iPhone 6s’, new iPads and a next-gen Apple TV.


  • hub2

    And if it fails, then my alarm clock fails to wake me up.

    Actually even if it works, my alarm will fail to sound, since my alarm is a sleep tracking app that wouldn’t be resumed after iOS restarts.

  • Hope you have a backup alarm clock! 😉 Apple Watch could wake you up right…err…about that overnight battery life…

  • Oooo! Could this be the stepping stone to auto updates to silently patch root exploits without user knowledge hidden within “Updates”?

  • James

    goodbye Apple if that happens. I’ll be down to using my S6 100% of the time. Cannot live without Jailbreak. In-app purchases are for losers. Devs make too much money from IAPs.

  • I totally agree with you. Many games have gone too far in the sense it’s pay to play or grind for months.
    If devs didn’t make so much money off tactics like this, there probably wouldn’t be as many games.

    Not saying I agree with if, but it does encourage devs to make more games, and support them longer. Not like square enix where they release a game and walk away.