iOS 9 Download Now Available for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch [u]


The day you’ve been waiting for has finally arrived: iOS 9 is now available for download. Aside from developers and public beta testers, the general public now has access to all the latest and greatest goodies within iOS 9, available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch.

iOS 9 release
Below is a list of devices that are capable of running iOS 9 (basically any device that can run iOS 8):

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Right now, you can update over-the-air on your iOS device or plug in your device and do it via iTunes. No matter what method you choose, please remember to make a local backup or iCloud backup of your data.

Let us know how your update goes!

Update: Again, the News app is only available in the USA, but you can install if you’re in Canada. Just follow these simple instructions.

…more to follow


  • wahgee88

    Big file!!!

  • Mathieu

    I am a bit suprised. I have installed ios 9 GM(!?) last week, and I have a 40 mb ota that just appeared. Would there be new function that were just enabled?

  • Ed

    keep getting error

  • aaloo

    giving me an error on both iPhone and iPad. doesn’t start the update. maybe servers are overloaded.

  • Nick

    its’ working through iTunes, but very very slowly – says 5 hours remaining

  • Kael

    The install was fast and painless. Now to play with the new features!

  • Ed

    My phone is updated now, I don’t see an improvement in my storage. I have 16gb but only shows 11.9 in storage. Usuage is still the same before the update. Any idea if that is right?

  • aaloo

    its working now for me.

  • Parksy

    In order to see news you have to change your region to the US. It will also prompt you for Apple Pay too but you can just skip through it as it won’t work with a Canadian debit/card.

  • Mathieu

    Ok, got it. Unfortunately, it does not stay when I came back to Canada. In the future maybe, thanks for the tip.

  • steve81

    This site is so much better with content blockers! 😛

  • Thanks for the feedback. However, consider whitelisting us so we can continue to do what we do 🙂

  • wuju

    After the iOS 9 update, my Notes app no longer sync between my Macbook Pro, iPhone 6 and my iPad mini 2.

    Anyone has this issue and a soltuion?

  • Parksy

    You need to keep it in US to keep news. I always have my region set as US and keep my iTunes account in the Canadian store.