iOS 9 ‘Software Update Failed’ Pop Up Resulting for Downloaders [u]


Apple just released iOS 9 for its iPhone, iPad and iPod touch users worldwide. To nobody’s surprise, this simultaneous download by hundreds of millions of users has put strain on Apple’s servers, causing many to see the following “Software Update Failed” pop up, which says “An error occurred downloading iOS 9.” This happens for those updating over the air:

IMG 0341

If you’re not in a rush, wait until later this evening to download iOS 9, or keep trying. Have patience, you’ll get your iOS 9 update soon enough (#firstworldproblems). While you’re waiting, go read Rene Ritchie’s epic iOS 9 review.

Update: try plugging your device into iTunes, the update downloads fine (we’ve confirmed it).

Are you getting this error right now?


  • Marc Dubé

    Nope but mine seem to be jam on update bar after restarting……Download and install by iTunes.

    After 5 minutes, it finally start to install.

  • skydivertak

    I get the error. However, on my 5S that already has the Public Beta on it, my update shows only 40.4 MB!

  • Delflank

    Hit the install button at 1:02pm. BINGO! I am done, 1:35pm! iPad too! ; )

  • Paresh Patel

    Downloading started OTA after several attempts within few minutes

  • Janet Jones

    No problem here! Were is the News app????? Is it a CANADA thing?

  • Corey

    Yup go to your settings and change your location to United States and it will reboot your phone then the news app will be there…

  • Prashanna

    I change my region to US but I’m getting 860MB IOS 9 file instead 1.2 GB Download in Settings has anyon got this In the Canadian Its bigger than the US file smaller done

  • Prashanna

    Hey Gary

    it looks like U.S getting smaller size compare to Canadian user or the rest the world

    IOS 9 File

    Canada 1.2 GB
    U.S 860MB

  • Corey

    Not sure I understand, user was asking about getting the news app, not the download of ios9. Once you upgrade to ios9 you then change your settings to get access to the news app.

  • shaqrad

    Yes, I just waited a few minutes and tried again. Good to go now.

  • shaqrad

    Could be related to the OS you are updating from. 8.4.1 to 9 and mine was 1.0GB. Canada region setttings

  • prybar

    I have the Gold Master on mine. It’s downloading the update at 2.06Gb….iPhone 6 Plus

  • Parksy

    Location doesn’t have anything to do with it. It’s all based on what device you have and the version you are upgrading from. Even the download size between an iPhone 6 and an iPhone 6 Plus is different.

  • Janet Jones

    Changed the settings. News apps blows! Unless your America.. Better options out there. Was hopeful it would be much better.

  • Mac

    Got downloaded no problems.
    But…. Dare I say, the system is becoming is bit cumbersome?

  • Zeke

    Any way to go back to IOS 8?